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Rotary Bulletin

November 9, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Billy Franke opened the meeting and called on Ned Murray who led the pledge and invocation. Pete Michenfelder introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Richard Rogers gave the Sunshine Report.

President Billy gave thanks to last week’s Club Cart Challenger, Thom Tuckey, who helped us raise $583.33 for the fund.

The Club CART Challenger for the meeting is Sonny Tucker and there is no outside challenger.

President Billy made the following announcements/presentations:

The Sibley Mill will be on TV this Friday the 13th. Please remember to register for 02/15 for John Germ. Only 2 of our club members are registered and we need more.                       

Paul Danier introduced our speaker, Amanda Behr. Amanda shared with us a presentation on Medical Illustration, the oldest masters degree at MCG/AU. Much of what we saw was the work of the students from the program. The goal is to take complex concepts and break them down simply so that patients can understand them.

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

Next week's speaker will be Dr. David Harburchak, Malaria Treatment/Prevention.


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Sonny Tucker
Outside Challenger:



Amanda Behr

Guest Of
Speaker - GRU - Medical Illustrations

Welcome New Member

Visiting Rotarians

Marc Smith
Ricardo Bravo

Eastman Rotary Club
Martinez Evans Rotary Club

Meeting Makeup

Steve Hobbs 11-9-15 Plant Vogtle
Stan Stanton 11-9-15 Plant Vogtle
Ray Walters 11-9-15 Plant Vogtle


Forester Adams
George Hall
Michael Ash
Steve Hobbs
Bob Baisden
Darryl Leech
Susan Barcus
Mahendra Mandawat
Barclay Bishop
Ben McElreath
Kathleen Bogolea
Brad Means
Steve Bogolea
Marc Miller
Trex Bolick
Brett Montroy

Peter Buckley
Russ Morgan
Greg Capers
Jita Morrison
Tom Coghill
Jeb Murray
Len Collins
Steve O'Neil
Guy Daniels
Robert Osborne
Greg Deloach
Susan Parr
Thomas Denlinger
Jonathan Powell
Sandy Dykes
Jimmy Richards

Jeff Flowers
Jeff Schwab
Fran Forehand
Jeff Spears
Bobby Gagnon
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Mark Gilliam
Stan Stanton
Kevin Grogan
Stacy Tallent
Aimee Hall
Herb Upton
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Barry White
Margaret Woodard