District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

August 31, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Billy Franke called the meeting to order.

Jeff Spears led the pledge of Allegiance and the invocation. Shell Barcus introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians. August 17 meeting CART sponsor Ian Mercier and the outside challenger, James Heffner raised $339.45 for CART. This week's CART sponsor is Forrester Adams and the outside challenger is Judge Carl Brown.

Thom Tuckey gave the Sunshine Report and announced that George Hall, Neal Dickert, and Bill Keogh were selected Best Lawyers in Augusta for 2015. Butch Whiddon introduced our Interact student visitors.

President Billy made the following announcements and presentations:

  • GRSP committee meeting after today's meeting.
  • Zsolt Pap needs a ride, as he would like to attend a September 11 - 13 meeting in Jonesboro GA.
  • President Billy presented TR Redding with his Paul Harris Plus 2 pin.
  • Bill Keogh presented a memorial to honor Frank B. Williams Jr., Rotary Club of Augusta President 1967-68.
Dates to Remember:
  • Rotary Leadership institute will be holding classes at GRU on Saturday, September 12th.
  • Rotary International President Elect John Germ will speak at the Marriott on February 15th.
Phil Wahl introduced our member Fran Forehand, VP Eastern Region of Georgia power, who spoke on storm preparation and plant Vogtle 3 and 4.

Fran graduated from the University of Alabama, received her MBA from Augusta State, and currently manages 155,000 customers in 13 counties and Plant Vogtle. Fran explained the Southeastern Electric Exchange that is an agreement for participating electric companies to send crews for emergency response and storm restoration. Many crews from the SEE were in Augusta after the February 2014 ice storm to respond to the 85% of customers that lost power.

Plant Vogtle is on schedule to be completed in 2019-2020. It will be the largest unit in the United States. Plant Vogtle is the largest job project in Georgia and is providing 5,500 jobs in our area.

President Billy thanked Fran for her presentation and proposed a tour of Plant Vogtle 3 and 4 for the club.

Zsolt Pap asked that each member leave a business card on the reception table for a project he is working on.

President Billy led the club in the 4-Way Test and adjourned the meeting.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

9/7/2015    NO MEETING:Labor Day
9/14/2015    GRSP Introduction
9/21/2015    Alan Campbell, an "environmental/expedition artist" 
9/28/2015    District Governor Visit -John Neely


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Forrester Adams
Outside Challenger: Judge Carl Brown



Fran Forehand
Clay Jolly
Laverne Gaskins
David Haburchak
James Kendrick

Guest Of
Speaker & Rotarian - Georgia Power
Billy Franke
Brett Montroy
Paul Dainer
Robert Osborne

Visiting Rotarians

Shawn Leis
Richard Groh

Rotary Club - Columbia County
Rotary Club of Chicago

Interact Club

Billie Boswell
Hannah Farmer

Meeting Makeup

Brad Means 8-18-15 United Way Kick-Off - Burke County
Chris McKinney 8-31-15 Augusta West Rotary
Bill Kemp 8-24-15 Martinez Evans Rotary
Susan Jernigan 8-24-15 Augusta West Rotary
Shanda Vaughn 8-24-15 Augusta West Rotary
Rick Herring 8-17-15 Augusta West Rotary
Dora Hogg 8-17-15 On Line Make Up
Dora Hogg 8-24-15 On Line Make up


Forester Adams
Rick McMurtrey
Michael Ash
Russ Morgan
Barclay Bishop
JIta Morrison
Bill Bohling
Jeb Murray
Trex Bolick
Ned Murray
Mariyln Bowcutt

Steve O'Neil
Dave Brendza
Susan Parr
Greg Capers
Jonathan Powell
Len Collins
Jeff Schwab
Judy Downie
Max Stachura
Rick Hall
Charles Stewart

Randy Hatcher
Barry White
Steve Kaplan
John Whitwell
Ben McElreath
George Williams
Rob McKenzie
Scott Williams
Chris McKiney
Margaret Woodard