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Rotary Bulletin

July 27, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Billy opened the meeting and called on Robert Osborne who led the pledge and invocation.

Chris McKinney introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians.
President Billy gave thanks to everyone for contributing to the CART fund last week. We were able to raise $246.00. Last week's Club Challenger was Scott Kelly and the outside challenger was Fulcher Hagler LLP. This week's Club Challenger is Guy Daniels. Thom Tuckey gave the Sunshine Report.

President Billy made the following announcements/presentations:

  • He introduced Pam Lightsey who reported on the 100 Year Anniversary Celebration taking place in Atlanta in 2017. Attendance is expected to be between 30-35,000 Rotarians. During that week, Rotarians will be working on 100 different service projects to celebrate the milestone.
  • Our GRSP student will be arriving on 8/4/15 and will move into University Village that weekend.
  • The Rotary Greenjackets game is scheduled for August 7th and we have about 40 members signed up to attend.
  • District training will take place 8/15/15 in Dublin and Rotary Leadership Institute will be held 9/12/15 at the GRU Summerville Campus.
  • He called on Susan Rice who introduced our newest club member, Shell Knox Berry, President and CEO of the Community Foundation for the CSRA.
President Billy called upon Dr. Peter Buckley to introduce our guest speaker, Neil Pruitt, Chairman of the Georgia Board of Regents. Chairman Pruitt made some brief remarks before introducing Dr. Brooks Keel, the new President of Georgia Regents University.

Dr. Keel introduced himself to the club and shared his enthusiasm for the bright future of both the University and the community. By partnering together, both will achieve great things.

Chairman Pruitt followed Dr. Keel with an update from the Board of Regents (BOR). During the last several years the number of universities under the BOR has declined from 35 to 30 through planned consolidation. The consolidation of ASU and Georgia Health Sciences University resulted in nearly 10% savings in administrative expenses, $15.3 million in investment in GRU, and an increase in the number of counselors available to advise students. Also, the P3 initiative to partner with third parties to build new student housing has been very effective so far. The BOR has cut the cost of books by $300 million by making the books available online for students.

Chairman Pruitt concluded his remarks and answered questions from the floor.

The meeting was adjourned after reciting the Four-Way test.

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Inside Challenger: Guy Daniels
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Dr. Neil Pruitt
Dr. Brooks Keel
Russell Keen
Tony Wagenor
Matt Aitken
Laverne Gaskins
Dr. Kamat
Chris Melcher
Don Grantham
Deke Copenhaver

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Speaker - Georgia Board of Regents
Billy Franke
Lowell Greenbaum
TR Reddy
Jerry Woods
Ridge Whitehurst
Sue Parr

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Jerry Rogers 7-27-15 Board of Dir. Meeting


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