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Rotary Bulletin

July 20, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Billy called the meeting to order.

Jeff Flowers led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation. Jeff asked that we dedicate the Pledge of Allegiance to his son who is a marine in training at Camp Lejeune, and in memory of the service men who were attacked in Chattanooga.

Chris McKinney introduced our visitors for the day.

President Billy was the CART sponsor last week and $333 was contributed.

The always popular Richard Rogers gave the Sunshine Report and confirmed that the sun was indeed shining and temperatures were rising.

President Billy announced that the club speaker next week will be Board of Regents Chairman Neil Pruitt, and next Monday is also 100% attendance day. He also announced that our Rotary student will be arriving from Hungary on August 4th.

Ed Presnell introduced our newest club member- Barclay Bishop, morning anchor of Channel 26 News. Now the Club will have members representing the ABC, CBS, and NBC stations.

Phil Wahl introduced our program speaker, Doctor Quentin Kuyper. Doctor Kuyper had a career as an academician in the field of music. He is now both an instrumentalist and executive director of the Harry M. Jacobs Chamber Music Society. Doctor Kuyper explained that Chamber Music simply means music to be performed in a smaller room as opposed to a larger concert hall. The music is performed by 2-5 participants.

The Chamber Music Society is named for Professor Harry Jacobs who started the music program at Augusta State, and was instrumental in founding not only the Augusta Symphony and the Chamber Music Society, but also the Augusta Ballet and the Augusta Opera. The Chamber Music Society was founded in 1991.

Doctor Kuyper then played for us several short CD selections demonstrating the variety that exists in chamber music. The selections were a Spanish brass quintet; a combination of a singer, pianist and base performing a musical tribute to Peggy Lee; a guitar duo from Brazil; a piano trio; a string quartet; a woodwind quintet; and a sax quartet. We all were left with a greater appreciation of the Chamber Music Society and the quality of its six annual presentations.

President Billy then adjourned the meeting by leading the recitation of the Four-Way Test.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

7/27/2015 Fran Forehand, Georgia Power


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Dr. Quentin Kuyper
Catherine Wahl
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Brian Sullivan
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Club Speaker - Harry M. Jacobs Chamber Music Society
Club and Phil Wahl
Paul Dainer
Paul Dainer
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Meeting Makeup

Phil Wahl 6-29-15 Aiken Rotary
Jeff Spears 6-29-15 Aiken Rotary

The following will receive a make up for attending the Rotary Board of Directors Meeting on July 21, 2015.

Billy Franke
Jerry Rogers
Jennifer Pennington
Susan Jernigan
Ed Presnell
Kevin Grogan
Dustin Young


Forester Adams
Mahandra Mandawat
Michael Ash
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Greg Baker
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