District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

June 8, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Jerry opened the meeting and called on Tim Owings who led the pledge and invocation.

Pete Michenfelder introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians.

President Jerry gave thanks to last week's Club CART Challenger, Connie Melear, and outside challenger R. W. Allen, who helped us raise $368.60 for the fund. This week's CART challenger is Lowell and Gloria Greenbaum. Lowell is making the challenge in honor of Gloria and their 65th wedding anniversary.

Richard Rogers gave the Sunshine Report.

President Jerry made the following announcements/presentations;

  • He recognized Jennifer Pennington and the Red Cross for their efforts supporting the residents who were displaced from Marshall Square because of the recent fire. Donations to the Red Cross for this effort are greatly appreciated.

President Jerry gave a brief history of the founding of the GRSP program and our involvement which began in the 1950's. Each year our club donates $1,000 in honor of Fares John who was instrumental in starting the program. The club uses the donation to recognize a current club member who has been supportive of the GRSP program and President Jerry recognized Kathleen Bogolea as our newest Will Watt Fellow for her efforts hosting our most recent GRSP student, Aline Lemes.

Randy Hatcher introduced our guest speaker, Congressman Rick W. Allen, our U.S.Representative from the 12th District. Congressman Allen gave the club an update on his first five months in office and recognized his Chief of Staff and club member, Brinsley Thigpen. Congressman Allen serves on the House Education and Workforce Committees and in his short time in office has already cast more than 300 votes. He has co-sponsored several bills and gave an update on the balanced budget, Waters of the United States, and Barn Act bills he is working on.

Next week's speaker will be Dr. Samir Khleif, GRU Cancer Center.

The meeting was adjourned after reciting the Four-Way test.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

6/15/2015   Dr. Samir Khleif, GRU Cancer Center
6/22/2015   Sutta Rhatan, Professor of Political Science and Terrorism Expert
6/29/2015   Year in Review and Passing of the Gavel


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Lowell Greenbaum



Congressman Rick Allen
Brad Holmes
Summer Peters
Angela Rogers
Shell Knox Berry
Rina Powell
Stacie Atkins
Peter Buckley
Norman Shaefer

Guest Of
Connie Melear
Kathleen Bogolea
Jerry Rogers
Jerry Rogers
Laverne Gold
Michael Ash
Jim Osborne
Haskell Toporek

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

Bill Kemp, 6-1-15 Augusta South Rotary


Forester Adams
Bob Baisden
Greg Baker
Trex Bolick
Marilyn Bowcutt
Tom Coghill
Charles Coleman
Len Collins
Paul Dainer
Guy Daniels
Neal Dickert
Judy Downie
Jeff Flowers

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Jason Haddox
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Tony Lever
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