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Rotary Bulletin

June 1, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Jerry opened the meeting and called on Walter Sprouse who led the pledge and invocation.

Fran Forehand introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. President Jerry gave thanks to last week's Club CART Challenger, John Witwell, and outside challenger Grant Sutton, who helped us raise $291.96 for the fund. This week's CART challenger is Connie Melear and the outside challenger is R.W. Allen. President Jerry also presented the club with the award recognizing our club for the highest CART giving that he received during the District Conference last month. Our club has won the award every year except one since 2007. Brad Means gave the Sunshine Report.

President Jerry made the following announcements/presentations:

  • He thanked Frank Mulherin for organizing the Rotary Golf Tournament on May 19th at The River Club and all of the players and sponsors for their support.
  • He introduced visiting Rotarian Hershel Scott, incoming President from the Sandersville Club, who discussed the Rotary Global Grant. The grant, provided by the Rotary Foundation, will help provide for teacher certifications in the area of Early Childhood Education in Sri Lanka. The funding will pay for 278 teachers to attend 120 hours of training in order to earn their required certification. This grant will positively impact nearly 28,000 students over a five year period.
New Members:
President Jerry called on Sue Parr to introduce our newest member, Margaret Woodard. Margaret is the Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority.

Guest Speaker:
Marilynn Bowcutt introduced our guest speaker, Mr. Jim Davis, President and CEO of University Hospital. Mr. Davis shared University's strategy for competing under tough economic conditions and mandates required through the Affordable Care Act. Their strategy can be summarized by three words; Operate, Innovate, and Collaborate. University must continue to operate efficiently, find new ways to keep service high and cost low, and find partnerships in order to gain the benefits of scale.

Next week's speaker will be the Honorable Rick Allen.

The meeting was adjourned after reciting the Four-Way test.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

6/8/2015 Rick Allen 
6/22/2015 YEAR IN REVIEW 


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Connie Melear
Outside Challenger: R.W. Allen



Jim Davis
Jim Channell

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Speaker - University Hospital
Dee Bruker

Visiting Rotarians

Herschel Scott
James Mullikin

Sandersville Rotary Club
Las Vegas Rotary Club

Richmond County Interact Club

Meeting Makeup

Darlene Price 6-1-15 On Line Make Up


Forester Adams
Tony Lever
Erin Armstrong
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Kathleen Bogolea
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