District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

May 4, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Jerry opened the meeting and called on George Hall who led the pledge and invocation. Pete Michenfelder introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. There was no Sunshine Report today.

President Jerry gave thanks to last week's Club CART Challenger, Charles Stewart, who helped us raise $283.50 for the fund. This week's CART Challenger is Stan Stanton and the outside challenger is Colonial Chemical.

President Jerry made the following announcements/presentations:

  • Kevin Grogan received a pin for bringing in a new member.
  • Jennifer Pennington was called to the podium to present students who recently attended the RYLA conference. Each student shared his and her experiences from the conference.
  • Haskell Toporek approached the podium and presented a gift he received from the Okayama East Rotary club in Japan to our club.
  • The club had a moment of silence for former member Lee Curley who passed away recently.

David Hogg introduced Paul Simon, president of Augusta Riverfront LLC, who spoke about the Junior Invitational golf tournament at Sage Valley Golf Club as well as First TEE Augusta. The 2015 tournament was held April 23rd through April 25th and for the first time ever had an international winner-Marcus Kinhult from Sweden. The goal of the Junior Invitational golf tournament and First TEE are both to promote the game of golf to the next generation by providing accessibility to people of all socio-economic backgrounds.

President Jerry thanked the speaker and adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

5/11/2015 TBA
5/18/2015 NO MEETING: Golf Tournament 
5/25/2015 NO MEETING: Memorial Day 

Save The Date

Rotary Club of Augusta Golf Tournament
Tuesday, May 19th
River Golf Club - 1:00


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Stan Stanton
Outside Challenger: Colonial Chemical



Paul Simon
Georgeanna Malchow
Lynn Reese
Meghna Das
Gabe Terry

Guest Of
Sage Valley Junior Invitational Golf Tourn.
Leland Malchow
Jennifer Pennington
Jennifer Pennington
Jennifer Pennington

Visiting Rotarians

Gary Teragawa

Colusa, California

Richmond County Interact Club

Meeting Makeup

Susan Barcus 5-4-15 Dist. Conf. Luncheon
Dave Brendza 5-4-15 Dist. Conf. Luncheon
Chris James 5-4-15 Dist. Conf. Luncheon
Erick Montgomery 5-4-15 Dist. Conf. Luncheon
Frank Mulherin 5-4-15 Dist. Conf. Luncheon
Jimmy Richards 5-4-15 Dist. Conf. Luncheon
Phil Wahl 5-4-15 Dist. Conf. Luncheon
Jerry Woods 5-4-15 Dist. Conf. Luncheon
Jeff Spears 5-4-15 Dist. Conf. Luncheon

The following will receive a make up for attending District Conference Luncheon on May 1, 2015 at Augusta Marriott:

Erin Armstrong
Neita Mulherin
Susan Barcus
Robert Osborne
Christine Betts
Jennifer Pennington
Kathleen Bogolea
Ed Presnell
Dave Brendza
Jim Price
Betty Carter

Jimmy Richards
Brenda Durant
Jerry Rogers
Billy Franke
John Sebby
Richard Harmon
Stacy Tallent
Steve Hobbs
Herb Upton
Chris James
Phil Wahl

Bill Kemp
Ridge Whitehurst
Tom Kiernan
John Whitwell
Carolyn Maund
Jerry Woods
Erick Montgomery
T R Reddy
Frank Mulherin
Dee Bruker
Jeff Spears


Michael Ash
Chris McKinney
Greg Baker
Brad Means
Susan Barcus
Connie Melear
Dee Beaird
Ian Mercier
Trex Bolick
Marc Miller
Marilyn Bowcutt
Erick Montgomery
Dave Brendza
Jita Morison
Tom Coghill
Frank Mulherin
Charles Coleman
James Osborne
Len Collins

Sue Parr
Jeanette Cummings
Jonathan Powell
Paul Dainer
Darlene Price
Guy Daniels
Susan Rice
Neal Dickert
Jimmy Richards
Sandy Dykes
Jeff Schwab
Bob Evans
Charles Shaefer
Fran Forehand
Stan Shepherd
Jeff Futrelle
Rabbi Sirull
Bobby Gagnon
Jeff Spears

Laverne Gold
Max Stachura
Aimee Hall
Stan Stanton
Randy Hatcher
Kevin Steffes
Steve Kaplan
Sonny Tucker
Scott Kelly
Phil Wahl
Mahendra Mandawat
Butch Whiddon
Ben McElreath
George Williams
Robetta McKenzie
Jerry Woods
Dustin Young
Randall Zapata