District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

February 23, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Jerry called the meeting to order and in recognition of this being Rotary's "World Understanding Month," he read some of the remarks of our Club's first President, Jim Hull, regarding that aspect of Rotary.

Jeff Flowers led the Club in the Pledge To The Flag and invocation.

Jita Morrison introduced the Club's guests and visiting Rotarians. Trex Bolick introduced our two visiting Richmond Academy High School student members of Rotarac.

The CART Fund challenger last week was none other than our President Jerry Rogers and $222 was raised. This week's challengers are Robert Osborne and Georgia Bank & Trust.

Greg DeLoach brought the Sunshine Report. In it he congratulated our member Randy Hatcher on being appointed to the Georgia Department of Economic Development. He also brought to our attention that our member George Hall's wife, Margaret Hall, has just received a liver transplant, and we all will be wishing her the best. Greg also commented on the topic of Rotarians being "perpetrators of hope." We do that through the CART Fund, books for children, vaccination programs and world understanding.

President Jerry encouraged everyone to purchase a raffle ticket for $5. Proceeds go to support the District Conference.

President Jerry recognized, and the Club expressed its appreciation, to Jim Becton and Bill Franke on their receipt of Paul Harris Plus Two recognitions.

Laverne Gold introduced our program for the day. We were honored to have the first and second place speakers in the Rotary Speech Contest. The second place finisher is Emily Rogers, the daughter of President Jerry. She is a sophomore at Westminster High School and her talk emphasized on the International President's theme of "Light Up Rotary."

The first place winner is Emma Kate Few, a junior at Aquinas. Her talk emphasized the Four-Way Test and the opportunity for each person to be an agent for the change that he or she would like to see.

Both of these young ladies impressed with the contents of their remarks and the poise with which they were delivered. With such young people taking the lead, the future is bright.

The meeting was concluded with the recitation of the Four-Way Test.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

3/2/2015 Betts Murdison, Ronald McDonald House 
3/9/2015 Bill Kirby – Augusta Chronicle 


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Robert Osborne
Outside Challenger: GA Bank & Trust



David Bullington
Lynn Reese
Angela Rogers
Zoe(French Intern Student)
Emily Rogers
Emma Kate Few

Guest Of
John David
Ned Murray
Jerry Rogers
Jerry Rogers
Club- Speech Contest
Club- Speech Contest

Visiting Rotarians

Shawn Lies

Rotary Club of Evans

Richmond County Interact Club

Billy Boswell
Elizabeth Harison

Meeting Makeup

Erin Armstrong 2-9-15 On Line Make Up
Jennifer Pennington 2-9-15 On Line Make up
Jeanette Cummings 2-9-15 Augusta South Rotary
Darlene Price 2-9-15 On Line Make up
Randall Zapata 2-23-15 Orientation Mtg
Chris McKinney 2-23-15 Orientation Mtg
Whitney O'Keeffe 2-23-15 Orientation Mtg
Jennifer Pennington 2-23-15 Board of Dir. Mtg

The following will receive a make up for attending the Board of Directors Meeting
on February 17, 2015:

Jerry Rogers
John Whitwell
Ed Presnell
Tony Lever
Scott Williams
Billy Franke
Jennifer Pennington
Scott Kelly

The following will receive a make up for attending the Red Badge Rotary Orientation on February 16, 2015:

Janice Allen Jackson
Ian Mercier
T R Reddy
Randall Zapata
Billy Franke
Chris McKinney
Kevin Wade
Whitney O'Keeffe
Jerry Rogers
Bill Kemp


Bob Baisden
Brad Means
Greg Baker
Peter Michenfelder
Susan Barcus
Marc Miller
Kathleen Bogolea
Jeff Partl
Steve Bogolea
Jennifer Pennington
Marilyn Bowcutt
Jonathan Powell
Dave Brendza

Jeff Schwab
Greg Capers
Rabbi Sirull
Jeanette Cummings
Walter Sprouse
Judy Downie
Max Stachura
Bob Evans
Stan Stanton
Jason Haddox
Kevin Steffes
Aimee Hall
Brinsley Thigpen

Rick Hall
Thom Tuckey
George Hall
Herb Upton
Randy Hatcher
Phil Wahl
Jim Hawkins
Ray Walters
Mahendra Mandawat
Barry White
Rob McKenzie
George Williams
Chris McKinney
Randall Zapata

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Jim Becton
Kathleen Bogolea
Carl Brown
Len Collins
Rob Dennis
Laverne Gold
Jason Haddox
Gould Hagler
Steven Kaplan
Hammy Kuhlke
John Michenfelder
Neita Mulherin
Ned Murray
Susan Parr
Curt Roberts
Rabbi Sirull


February Birthdays
Dee Beaird
Greg Capers
Paul Dainer
Steve Farmer
Susan Jernigan
Steven Kaplan
Bill Keogh
Frank Mulherin
Jeff Schwab
Frank Stanton
Thom Tuckey
Frank Ward