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February 9, 2015

Meeting Minutes

President Jerry called the meeting to order and shared with the Club another portion of our first President's, Jim Hull, speech regarding international friendship.

Tim Owings led the Club in the pledge to the flag and the invocation.

Jita Morrison introduced the Club's guests and visiting Rotarians.

Jerry Rogers announced that he is the CART challenger this week.

Richard Rogers delivered the Sunshine Report.

Rabbi David Sirull announced that the Adas Yeshurun Synagogue is hosting a corned beef sandwich sale again this year. The sandwiches will be available on March 15 and 16, but orders should be placed by March 9. The price is $12 per sandwich.

All of our members are reminded of the Valentine social this Friday evening, February 13, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Wallace House at Augusta Country Club. Please RSVP for plans to attend.

President Jerry acknowledged our new members from the last several weeks: Andrew Mize, T.R. Reddy, Ian Mercier and Janice Jackson. They are encouraged to check their emails regarding an upcoming orientation meeting for new members.

Bill Keogh then presented a resolution in honor of our long-time and most distinguished member, Dr. Jim Puryear. This meeting was Jim's last as a formal member of the Club as he and Joan will soon be moving to the Greenville, South Carolina, area to be near children and grandchildren. There is no person who has better exemplified the meaning, spirit and service of Rotary than Jim. His contributions to Rotary mirror those he has made in so many other areas of Augusta civic and religious life. We all cherish the times at Rotary we have spent with Jim, and he leaves with the heartfelt good wishes of this Club and its members.

Bill Franke then introduced our guest speaker, Lt. Jerome Lyles of the Fort Gordon Youth Challenge Academy. This is one of two existing programs in Georgia that provides a 5 ½ month residential program and then 12 months of post-residential follow up for at-risk young people. During the program, the students are required to pursue and achieve in school work, volunteer activities, physical fitness, job skills, personal healthcare, responsible citizenship and leadership. When the young men reach age 17, they register with the Selective Service and upon reaching the age of 18, they are encouraged to register to vote. The program is entirely voluntary, and approximately 2/3 of those who enroll finish the arduous program. But when they do, they are better equipped to live meaningful and productive lives, and have usually achieved a high school diploma, a GED or made significant academic advancement from when they started. Lt. Lyles brought with him to the meeting two of the program's outstanding students. These students and Lt. Lyles received the well-earned applause from all who were in attendance.

There will be no Rotary meeting on Monday, the 16th.

Resolution of Honor and Appreciation

Resolution of Honor and Appreciation
Rotary Club of Augusta

NOW COMES the ROTARY CLUB OF AUGUSTA, and presents this Resolution in honor and in deep appreciation of our good friend and distinguished member, DR. JAMES B. PURYEAR.

WHEREAS, JIM PURYEAR was born in Jackson, Mississippi; and
WHEREAS, Jim has a long and impressive history of service to his community, earning the rank of Eagle Scout as a youth (which is the highest rank of merit within the Boy Scouts of America organization), and earning that organization's Silver Beaver Award, an honor given to those who have made an impact on the lives of youth through community service, hard work, self-sacrifice, dedication, and many years of service, and which (as one would expect from Jim) is given to those who do not actively seek it; and
WHEAREAS, Jim earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Mississippi State University; and went on to earn a PhD degree from Florida State University; and
WHEREAS, after serving as an administrator at Mississippi State and Florida State, Jim joined the administration of the Medical College of Georgia in 1969, with duties in the area of student affairs; and
WHEREAS, in 1985 Jim was appointed to the position of Vice President for Student Affairs, where he served with distinction until his retirement in March of 2000. In honor of Dr. Puryear's devoted service, he was named Vice President Emeritus of the Medical College of Georgia; and
WHEREAS, Jim began his career as a Rotarian in 1964 at the Club in Starkville, Mississippi, and in 1970 he joined our Augusta Rotary Club; and
WHEREAS, Jim is a past president of our Club (in 1977), a past District Governor (in 1978), a Paul Harris Fellow, a Paul Harris Benefactor, a Will Watt Fellow, a Will Watt Benefactor, a Major Donor Award winner, a recipient of the Bequest Society Award, and has been Chairman of the CART Grant Committee since 2008; and
WHEREAS, Jim served for years on the James M. Hull Rotary Education Fund board and other important committees, and has approximately 17 years of perfect attendance - all of which underscores his incredible and abiding commitment to Rotary and to our Club; and
WHEREAS, Jim has also been recognized by other civic clubs in the area, including being granted the Service to Mankind Award from the Optimist Club; and
WHEREAS, Jim's leadership has also been exhibited through his Faith, holding almost every position of leadership at the historic First Baptist Church here in Augusta, including Chairman and Moderator of the Board of Deacons (the highest lay leadership position in a Baptist church); and
WHEREAS, his impact in our community and on our Club is so great that, along with Bill Kemp, we have designated our Rotarian of the Year Award as the "Kemp-Puryear Award;" and
WHEREAS, all of these great and wonderful accomplishments were no doubt facilitated, encouraged, and at times led by his wife Dr. Joan Puryear, a very accomplished and recognized Rotarian and civic leader in her own right: and
WHEREAS, after years of service and leadership in our community and our Club, Jim is attending his final meeting as a member of this Club, recognizing of course that we hope and encourage him to come visit often and not to forget old friends;

NOW THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Rotary Club of Augusta, Georgia hereby recognizes and thanks DR. JAMES B. PURYEAR for his unwavering and inspiring commitment to Service Above Self, and his embodiment of the principles set forth in the Four-Way Test that guide this Club and Rotarians around the world. Let it further be RESOLVED, that the students, friends, colleagues, Rotarians, and the entire community which he has touched are deeply and profoundly thankful for having the benefit of his positive impact and the example he has set as a gentleman. Dr. Puryear, it can truly be said that our community is a better place for you having toiled in it, a statement which is perhaps the greatest testament and compliment which can be paid to any person. We wish you and Joan peace, health and happiness as you continue your journey forward.

RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED this 9th day of February, 2015.

Gerald T. Rogers, President

William J. Keogh, III
Resolution Committee

Upcoming Meeting Topics

2/16/2015 NO MEETING: Presidents Day 
2/23/2015 Youth Day (Speech Competition) Youth Day (Tentative) 
3/2/2015 Betts Murdison, Ronald McDonald House 
3/9/2015 Bill Kirby – Augusta Chronicle 


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