District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

May 16, 2022

Meeting Minutes

President Shanda Vaughn rang the bell and called the meeting to order. 

President Shanda gave the pledge and invocation.

Tom Clarke gave the Sunshine Report today.

Club members introduced their guests in attendance today.


  • Please continue to sign in each week so that we have a record of attendance.
  • Today is the last meeting for our GRSP student, Kaushini Pathirana, who has finished her classes and will be returning home. Kaushini does plan to return to Augusta University in the fall to continue her studies.

CART: President Shanda asked everyone to please continue to contribute to the blue buckets on the table or online at mycartfund.org using the same login credentials you use with DACDB.

Paul Harris Fellows

Mr. William S. Morris III was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow


New Member Orientation – May 17, 2022 4:30-5:30

Guest Speaker/Program

District Governor Ed Presnell, Kevin Grogan, and David Hudson made a special presentation honoring Mr. William S. Morris III as our most recent Paul Harris Fellow.

Each presenter shared stories about their personal relationship with Mr. Morris and what he and his family have meant to our community. 

DG Presnell said Mr. Morris epitomized the Rotary International Theme of “Serving to Change Lives” and that he truly was a “Change Maker” that all Rotarians strive to be.  He went on to say Mr. Morris has lived his life by the Four Way Test without ever being a Rotarian.

David Hudson described Mr. Morris as a true Renaissance man having interests in farming, cattle ranching, quail hunting, fly fishing, golfing, playing guitar, and holding a pilot’s license equivalent to those of commercial pilots.  Above all, Mr. Morris put his faith in God and served his church in many capacities.  He is deeply devoted to his family, many of whom were able to be in attendance today.

Kevin Grogan shared how Mr. Morris and his wife Sissy founded the Morris Museum of Art as a tribute to his parents and their love of art.  They began with a personal collection of nearly 400 works by mostly southern artist and have grown the collection to over $40 million in artwork. 

Mr. Morris and his family have been strong supporters of Augusta and have been instrumental in the creation of the Augusta Futurity, the Augusta Sports Council, and the downtown cultural arts corridor.  It is truly an honor to recognize Mr. William S. Morris III as our most recent Paul Harris Fellow.

President Shanda led us in reciting the four-way test and then adjourned the meeting.

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