District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

March 2, 2020

Meeting Minutes

President Scott Williams rang the bell and called the meeting to order. He congratulated our Interact Clubs and Speech Contest winners who did a great job at last week’s meeting. He also thanked the Speech Contest Committee led by Jerry Woods and Steve Hobbs and the Interact Club Committee led by Jerry Rogers and Wes BrownGeorge Hall gave the pledge and invocation. Thanks to our Inside challenger Stacy Tallent and outside challenger Health Center Credit Union together we raised $383.50. This week we have two outside challengers, Forces United and Jordan Trotter Commercial Real EstateAK Gulati introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians. Brad Means gave the Sunshine Report. 

Signature Fundraiser Raffle Update

The signature fundraiser was another success this year.  In total, our club was directly responsible for selling 431 tickets for the Dr. Mac Bowman Horizon Foundation car raffle. Fellow club members Dr. Mac Bowman and Dee Pierce, who were also selling on behalf of the Horizon Foundation, sold another 328, meaning our club accounted for 759 tickets of the 1,020 sold.

President Scott thanked everyone on our Signature Fundraiser Committee, as well as, Peggie Whitehurst for all the hard work that went into the raffle this year. 

He then called on Dr. Bowman, Dee Pierce, and Dustin Young to come forward and help present the $25,000 contribution check to Ron Skenes of Christ Community Health.  After presenting the check, Dr. Bowman and Ron Skenes both extended their gratitude to the club for this contribution.

2020-2021 Board Election

President Scott previously presented the Board’s nominations for the incoming Board members on January 27th and asked for any additional nominations.  Having received none, the same slate of officers were presented to the club for an official membership vote.

2020-2021 Board Lineup

  • President - Dustin Young,
  • President Elect - Shanda Vaughn,
  • President Nominee and Treasurer - Faye Hargrove,
  • Immediate Past President - Scott Williams,
  • Directors - Dora Hogg, Chris McKinney, Kevin Grogan, Brett Montroy, Leigh Porterfield and Erin Armstrong.

The club approved the slate unanimously and thanked the incoming leadership team with a round of applause.


Our March Meeting Schedule:

  • March 9th – DG Mike Muldowney will join us for the formal induction ceremony for Rotaract Club at Augusta University
  • March 16th – annual St. Patrick’s Day Social from 5-7, no regular meeting that day

President Scott reported that the Literacy Committee led by Kayla Cooper is participating in “Read Across America” today. They have 18 volunteers who have already or will be reading to elementary students in Richmond County.  The committee has done a great job of pushing literacy initiatives this year and still have more to come.  He thanked Kayla for her leadership of this effort and gave a special recognition to the Cat in the Hat, aka Past President Leyland Malchow, for his support today.

If you are interested in contributing to the Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP) Endowment Fund, please note that the deadline for this Rotary year is March 20, 2020.  If you need additional information, you can contact either President Scott or Past President Ed Presnell.


Chris Melcher introduced today’s program, “The AU Students of Today and Tomorrow” presented by Dr. Susan Davies, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs at Augusta University.

Dr. Davies shared the University’s goal of having 16,000 students by Fall 2030.  Currently, enrollment at AU stands at 9,274 and so this truly is an aspirational goal for the University.

In order to reach this goal, admissions will largely come from outside of the CSRA.  The University is creating programs that will truly make AU the destination of choice for students around the state. During her presentation she spotlighted the newly created Masters of Arts in Intelligence and Security Studies and the new medical school program that allows students to cut one year off of their time in medical school if they are enrolled in an undergraduate program at AU.   

She also highlighted four students who made a choice to come to AU over other prestigious universities and they are now thriving in the classroom, on campus, and in the community.   Today’s students are looking for a way to engage with and give back to others and AU is positioning itself to provide opportunities to these students.

She ended her program by taking questions from the club related to the housing and parking needs resulting from the planned increase in students.  She indicated that AU is working on multiple solutions, however, there is also going to be a greater need for private student housing in the years to come.

At the conclusion of the program, President Scott led us in reciting the four-way test and then adjourned the meeting.

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Kim Elle - Forces United
Outside Challenger: Juli Means - Jordan Trotter


Remember to include our GRSP student: William Baeronholdt
Cell Number : 706-550-2331
Email: WBaerenholdt@augusta.edu


Susan Davies
Sanjeev Singhal
Chris Spence
Jay Jeffries
Angel Lovett

Guest Of
TR Reddy
Betts Murdison
Paul Dainer
Russell Keen

Meeting Makeup

Ed Presnell 2-24-2020 PETS

The following will receive a make up for attending PETS on February February 28, 29.
Ed Presnell
Shanda Vaughn
Dustin Young

Brad Means will receive a make up being the Emcee for the United Way Meeting.


Erin Armstrong
Tripp Harrison
Robert Baisden
Randy Hatcher
Matt Barrett
James Heffner
JIm Becton
Steve Hobbs
Shell Berry
Janice Jackson
Chris Bird
Susan Jernigan
Barclay Bishop
Clay Jolly
Steve Boler
Brooks Keel
Mark Bowen
Tom Kiernan
Felita Brady
Melvin LaPan

Conley Braun
Tony Lever
Dave Brendza
Doug McClure
Carl Brown
Rob McKenzie
Wes Brown
Chris Mckinney
Larry Broyles
Linda McKnight
Dave Bullington
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George Williams