District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

February 24, 2020

Meeting Minutes

Today’s meeting was presided over by students from our Interact Clubs. Reagan Lutz served as the presiding officer, and she rang the bell and called the meeting to order. Harry Jones and Erica Swierski gave the pledge and invocation. Thanks to our Inside challenger Mark Bowen and outside challenger Better Choices Group, LLC together we raised $347.73. This week’s inside challenger is Stacy Tallent and outside challenger is the Health Center Credit Union (HCCU)Mary Rushton Massey and Thomas Saul introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians. Sam Means gave the Sunshine Report.

New Member

Sue Parr introduced our newest member, Jason Cuevas, VP Georgia Power NE Region.

Signature Fundraiser Raffle Update

Leah Porterfield gave a final report on our fundraiser.  As a club, we sold 431 tickets out of the total of 1,020.  Dr. Mac Bowman personally sold another 250 and Dee Pearce sold 78. 

The winners were: 5th – Kyle Titus (member), 4th - Haili Egbert, 3rd – Patrick Hall, 2nd – Evett Davis (sold by Rotarian Faye Hargrove), Winner – Barry Layman.

Ticket sales recognitions and presentation of our $25,000 contribution to Christ Community Health will occur at our meeting on March 2nd or 9th.  Notification will be sent out once confirmed.


Kayla Cooper reminded the club of the upcoming Read Across America event taking place next Monday. Anyone interested in volunteering to read to students should contact Kayla as soon as possible.

The following students are the winners of the Rotary Speech Contest:

  • First Place:  Anthony Hill, Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School
  • Second Place: Felicia Simpson, Butler High School
  • Third Place: Janiya Young, Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School
  • Fourth Place:  Erin Colley, Westminster School


Jerry Woods came forward and recognized the winners from our annual speech contest.  He thanked the participants, the Speech Committee, and the judges, Janice Jackson, Ann Catherine Murray, and Mark Maund.  Jerry gave a special thank you to an anonymous donor who contributed additional funding to allow the committee to increase the amount of the total awards by $1,300. 

This year’s first place winner Anthony Hill received a $1,000 award.  Felicia Simpson (2nd), Janiyah Young (3rd), and Erin Colley (4th) each received a $500 award.

Anthony and Jania, who is filling in for Felicia, will represent our club in the district’s Preston Johnson Speech Contest. 

Following the award presentation, Anthony and Felicia delivered their speeches to the club. 

Congratulations to all of the winners!!

At the conclusion of the program, Julie Andrews led us in reciting the four-way test and then adjourned the meeting.


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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Stacy Tallent
Outside Challenger: HCCU


Remember to include our GRSP student: William Baeronholdt
Cell Number : 706-550-2331
Email: WBaerenholdt@augusta.edu


Bert Mayo
Nick Treadwell
Troy Jordan
Juli Means
Reba Boswell
Mark Maund

Guest Of
Steve Munn
Susan Everitt
James Heffner
Brad Means
Anna Reeves
Scott Williams

Richmond Academy Interact

Sam Means
Braydon Curley
Harry Jones
Rob Rice

Westminster Interact

Julia Andrews
Caleb Lindman
Christina Brown
Reagan Lutz
Kelli Cleveland
Connor Lutz
Erin Colley
Kate Lynch
Drew Cooks
Mary Rushton Massey
Claire Crowder
Chloe Reynolds
Sam Drake
Thomas Saul
Anna Bray Franks
Erica Swierski
Christopher Hernandez
Whitt Tisdale
Kayla Kucela
Emily Weaver

Meeting Makeup

Jeanette Cummings 2-18-2020 Augusta South Rotary Club
Ray Walters 2-10-2020 On Line Make Up


Robert Baisden
Brooks Keel
Tony Bernados
Russell Keen
Shell Berry
Ramone Lamkin
Christine Miller Betts
Melvin LaPan
Barclay Bishop
Tony Lever
Steve Boler
Doug McClure
Mark Bowen
Ben McElreath
Felita Brady
Rob McKenzie
Conley Braun
Linda McKnight
Dave Brendza
Connie Melear

Bennish Brown
Sam Meller
Carl Brown
Betts Murdison
Larry Broyles
Sheri Osburn
Brittany Burnett
Adrienne Patterson
Nate Cartwright
Jonathan Powell
Gretchen Caughman
Ed Presnell
Patrick Cullinan
Jim Price
Rob Dennis
TR Reddy
Neal Dickert
Daniel Rhodes
Ashlee Duren
Tariq Robinson

Chris Etterlee
Hal Scott
Jeff Flowers
Deborah Sleeth
Rick Franza
Steve Smith
Laverne Gaskins
John Snider
Surendra Gupta
Stan Stanton
Aimee Hall
Charles Stewart
George Hall
Kyle Titus
Chad Harpley
Paul Wade
Tripp Harrison
Hawthorne Welcher
Randy Hatcher
Willie Williams
George Williams