District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

January 27, 2020

Meeting Minutes

President Scott opened the meeting by ringing the bell at 12:15 PM. Jim Price led the club in the pledge and invocation. Anna Reeves introduced guests and visiting Rotarians. After a 10 minute fellowship break, President Scott gave a special welcome to the Augusta University Rotaract Club members. He also praised Paul Dainer and his committee for their excellent job assisting the Club to re-establish its charter. President Scott reminded members to contribute to the “blue buckets” and reported that $384.08 was raised last week (Inside Challenger Max Stachura; Outside Challenger Integra Business Brokers). This week’s Inside Challenger is Gould Hagler and Outside Challenger is Cranston Engineering. Sunshine Report was given by Connie Melear who, after noting how often and how amusingly her name is mis-pronounced, held up printed signs with the names of several club members whose names are habitually mispronounced. She called upon the club member to give examples of the mispronunciations, state the proper pronunciation, and then invited the membership to practice the correct pronunciation in chorus.

Signature Fundraiser Raffle Update: President Scott encouraged members to participate in the final push to achieve the Signature Fundraiser Raffle goal.  As of meeting time, 65 tickets had been sold, representing 53% of our Club goal. We are behind where we were at this point last year. He asked the membership help reach the Club goal of 500 tickets and in the process, have a chance to win a Mercedes-Benz A220 valued at $37,000. It interested, call or text him at 706.799.1600.  Tickets are $100 and only 1500 will be sold. This annual fundraiser is hosted by the Rotary Club of Augusta, Fox 54, and Mercedes Benz of Augusta. This year’s fundraiser beneficiary is Christ Community Health, which is a non-profit offering affordable, quality, primary health and dental care to the uninsured and underserved population within our community.  He recommended considering use of social media platforms to facilitate sales, pointing out that Barklay Bishop sold 15 tickets in just a couple of days as a result of a single post. Finally, he asked the members to post their calendars for the raffle event which will be held at Mercedes Benz of Augusta on Friday, February 14 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. The event will be held in place of our traditional Valentine’s Day social, and is open to all members and a guest as well as any individuals who purchased raffle tickets. There will be valet parking, hors d’oeuvres, a bar, and Dr. Bowman will be providing free heart screenings.


  • President Scott announced the line-up of nominations for the next Rotary year.  2020-2021 Board: President Dustin Young, President-Elect Shanda Vaughn, President Nominee and Treasurer Fay Hargrove, Past President Scott Williams, and Directors Dora Hogg, Chris McKinney, Kevin Grogan, Brett Montroy, Leigh Porterfield, and Erin Armstrong.  Additional nominees will be accepted over the next 3 weeks and should be provided to President Scott or Peggie in writing. The official vote for the 2020-2021 Board will occur at the regular February 24th club meeting.
  •    President Scott also reminded the members that President Elect Dunstin had e-mailed a request for updates for the 2020-2021 Roster so that pictures and roster information can be as accurate as possible.
  •    Chris McKinney announced that as we were meeting, Brett Montroy and his wife were awaiting the birth of their first baby. He had the membership shout their congratulations in chorus while he recorded the joyful noise to be sent to the parents.

Today’s Speaker: President Scott called upon Bennish Brown to introduced the day’s speaker, Jennifer Bowen, Vice-President of Destination Development for the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Film Augusta, our liaison to the Film Industry.  She described her group’s activities and processes for bringing the film industry to Augusta, including potential community assets of interest, site promotion, coordination of resources, hosting of potentially interested parties, and then support for the film teams when they arrive.  Augusta has been named Camera Ready, and is well positioned between Atlanta and Savannah to be of interest to the film industry.  Georgia’s attractiveness is enhanced by a tax incentive – a 30% cut in taxes for each $500,000 spent by contractees.  In 2019, there were 399 productions that together spent $2.9 billion.  In 2019, Augusta accounted for 20 of these productions that hired 170 local crew and spent $1.6 million.  Our local jail was used in 4 productions and is being preserved for at least one more year to explore whether than use can be increased.  She detailed all the categories of income that our community realizes when the crews come into town and then listed several recent productions including The Mule, Saving Zoe, Tulsa, and Savannah Saves.

President Scott asked the members to stand and join him in the 4-Way Test, after which he rang the bell at 1:15 PM to adjourn the meeting

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Gould Hagler
Outside Challenger: Cranston Engineering


Remember to include our GRSP student: William Baeronholdt
Cell Number : 706-550-2331
Email: WBaerenholdt@augusta.edu


Jennifer Bowen
Alicia Sweat
Robert Homlar
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Jenise Smith

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Linda McKnight
Leland Malchow
Leland Malchow
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Meeting Makeup

Brett Montroy 1-27-20 Rotary Board of Director Meeting
Wes Brown 1-6-20 Columbia County Rotary Club
Jim Becton 1-27-20 Econ Luncheon
Tony Bernados 1-27- 20 Econ Luncheon
Brittany Burnett 1-27-20 Econ Luncheon
Reyne Gallup 1-27-20 Econ Luncheon
Sonny Tucker 1-27-20 Econ Luncheon
Herb Upton 1-27-20 Econ Luncheon
Paul Wade 1-27- 20 Econ Luncheon
John Whitwell 1-27-20 Econ Luncheon
Jennifer Pennington 1-13-20 Econ Luncheon

The Following will receive a make up for attending the Red Badge Orientation Meeting on January 27, 2020.
Ken Bradshaw
Ramone Lamkin
Douglas McClure
Camille Sutton
Denise Vickers
Ed Presnell
Frank Mulherin
Herb Upton
Kevin Wade
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Steve Boler
Betts Murdison
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Brittany Burnett
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Ashlee Duran
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John Snider

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