District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

January 6, 2020

Meeting Minutes

President Scott opened the meeting at 12:15 PM

Jeff Flowers led the club in the pledge and invocation. Anna Reeves introduced guests and visiting Rotarians. Jeff Simless gave the year’s final report on the “Football Follies/College Football Pic ‘em”.  The year’s overall winner was Frank Mulherin.  Summary sheets of participating member results are available. President Scott reminded members to contribute to the “blue buckets” and reported that $279.00 was raised last week (Inside Challenger Jim Hefner; Outside Challenger Mimi’s Boutique).  This week’s Inside Challenger is Tripp Harrison and Outside Challenger is Doctors HospitalSunshine Report was given by Richard Rogers who reported on communities that do the best/worst in keeping New Year Resolutions. Augusta does not fare well.

Paul Harris Recognition: TR Reddy has made a substantial donation to the Rotary Foundation enabling his wife Niranjini Reddy and Karen Hull to be named Paul Harris Fellows.

New Member Introduction: Kevin Grogan introduced the Club’s newest members, Camille Sutton and Denise Vickers.

Signature Fundraiser Raffle Update: Leigh Porterfield encouraged members to participate in the final push to achieve the Signature Fundraiser Raffle goal and in the process have a chance to win a Mercedes-Benz A220 valued at $37,000. If interested, call or text her at 706.830.4112. Tickets are $100 and only 1500 will be sold. This annual fundraiser is hosted by the Rotary Club of Augusta, Fox 54, and Mercedes Benz of Augusta. This year’s fundraiser beneficiary is Christ Community Health, which is a non-profit offering affordable, quality, primary health and dental care to the uninsured and underserved population within our community.


  • President Scott welcomed back Nita Mulherin and extended the Club’s best wishes for her 88th birthday.
  • He also reminded the Club that while there would be no meeting on Monday, January 20 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), this year’s Georgia Economic Outlook Luncheon will be held on Thursday, January 23 at the Augusta Marriot. There is no charge to Club members for attendance since the club is a sponsor. Please sign in through Peggie, who will be there. More information to follow.

Susan Jernigan introduced the speaker for the day, William Baerenholdt, GRSP, who told the Club he would make a “general presentation of me”. Born and raised in Denmark, he graduated from high school in 2018 and spent is first “gap year” backpacking in Southeast Asia before coming to Augusta University for his second “gap year”. He gave some details about his parents (both of whom are coming later this year to visit him and our Club), grandparents and siblings. He described the courses he is taking at AU, emphasizing mathematics, a subject he would like to focus on when he returns to school in Denmark next year. He also brought with him a box containing items connected to some of his recent experiences. He used the first item, his passport, to explain his surprise that it is common for his fellow students and others he has met not to have been out of the country – he has already been to at least 30 countries. The second item, a MEDIUM size cup from Smoothie King, bigger than a large size in Denmark – everything is “huge and bigger” here (cars, houses, air-conditioning, meals, and people). The third item, a receipt, was remarkable to him because “if you sum up the things you bought it would not match the price paid” because of taxes and tips. He concluded by expressing his appreciation for being here and reminded the Club that he is available at any time to participate in Club member activities.

President Scott asked the members to stand and join him in the 4-Way Test, after which the rang the bell at 1:10 PM to adjourn the meeting.

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Tripp Harrison
Outside Challenger: Doctors Hospital


Remember to include our GRSP student: William Baeronholdt
Cell Number : 706-550-2331
Email: WBaerenholdt@augusta.edu


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TR Reddy
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