District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

September 16, 2019

Meeting Minutes

President Scott Williams rang the bell and called meeting to order. Jeff Flowers gave the Pledge and Invocation. Thanks to our inside challenger Shanda Vaughn and our outside challenger PAR 3 Rentals, together we raised $ 411.00. This week our inside challenger is Dustin Young and our outside challenger is McKnight Construction CompanyBrittany Burnett introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians. President Scott Williams introduced GRSP student William Baerenholdt. Please make an effort to meet WilliamGould Hagler gave the Sunshine Report. Jeff Simless gave the college football report and informed the club that all members are still in the running for the end of year prize. Congratulations to Week 3 winner Rick Franza. John Sebby introduced our newest member Major Doug McClure to the club. President Scott Williams reported that we will be having our Octoberfest Social from 5-7 pm on Monday, October 7th. This social will be in place of our normal lunch meeting for that day. Invitations will be emailed out in the coming weeks.

Shell Berry introduced our guest speaker and own Millie HuffExecutive Director of Sacred Heart Cultural Center.

Millie is originally from Southern California and has spent the last 23 years working for several non-profit organizations. She joined Sacred Heart Cultural Center in April 2018, as Executive Director. Millie shared some interesting background on the history of Sacred Heart Church.

Sacred Heart Church was built by Jesuit priests in 1897 and known for three-quarters of a century as Sacred Heart Catholic Church. In 1900 the first Mass was held at Sacred Heart Church. With the influx of Irish immigrants, the Diocese opened two additional Catholic churches in town, Most Holy Trinity and Immaculate Conception. Sacred Heart held its last mass in 1971. Evidentially Sacred Heart and Immaculate Conception was merged with Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

After years of vacancy the building fell into disrepair and was near destruction. In 1987, the Knox Foundation renovated the building. It is now home to Augusta Ballet, The Augusta Children’s Chorale, the Augusta Choral Society, the Augusta Players, Symphony Orchestra and the Greater Arts Council. In addition, the Center offers the CSRA many cultural opportunities to participate in including art exhibits, garden festivals, holiday events, weddings, tours and choral concerts.

Millie invited all to come in and experience the recently launched Audio Tour, free of charge to all Rotary members.

Following the program President Scott Williams led us in reciting the four-way test and then adjourned the meeting.

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Inside Challenger: Dustin Young
Outside Challenger: McKnight Construction Company



Millie Huff
Shane Claffey
Christie Beckham
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Shane Claffey
Christie Beckham
Mordecai Evans

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