District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

September 9, 2019

Meeting Minutes

President Scott Williams rang the bell and called meeting to order. Jim Priceuds gave the pledge and invocation. Thanks to our inside Challenger Frank Mulherin and outside challenger Janice Allen Jackson & Associates, together we raised $262.00   This week our inside challenger is Shanda Vaughn and our outside challenger is Par 3 Rentals. Brittany Burnett introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians. President Scott Williams recognized our GRSP student William Baerenholdt.  If you have not had a chance to meet William, please try to do so. Richard Rogers gave the Sunshine Report. 

Jeff Simless announced the first two week winners for Football Follies/College Football Pic ‘em. Congratulations to Week 1 winner: Clay Jolly and Week 2 winner: Ray Walters.  Eddie Booth presented a Memorial Resolution to honor the late Carolyn S. Maund. Carolyn was a long time Rotary member and will be greatly missed by all. Her husband Tim and son Mark were on hand as Eddie presented the Memorial Resolution.

Our GRSP Committee is asking for help with a return ride for William on Sunday, October 13th from a student weekend in Savannah.  If you will be in the area and be willing to assist, please contact Billy Franke or Susan Jernigan.

Next week the program will be our own Millie Huff – Executive Director of Sacred Heart Cultural Center, and we will move our meeting location for that meeting to Sacred Heart Cultural Center. The time will be the same, but the location will be at Sacred Heart

Brenda Durant introduced our guest speaker Cheryl Goldsleger – the Morris Eminent Scholar in Art at AU.

Cheryl discussed the history of The Venice Biennale Art Exhibition held in locations throughout Venice, Italy opened to the public on May 11th. This year’s exhibition is titled “May You Live in Interesting Times” and will remain open until November 24, 2019. Cheryl encouraged anyone to attend if given the opportunity. This year’s attendance is expected to be 500,0000- and two-day tickets are available for purchase.

The history of the Venice Biennale began in 1883 when the city council decided to set up a Venice Biennale international art exhibition. The Biennale of Venice invited major Italian artists, each with a maximum of two works that had never been exhibited in Italy

The first Biennale in Venice opened in April 30, 1895 with more than 200,000 visitors.

Cheryl exhibits her work nationally and internationally with her most recent exhibition, Vast Scale-Intimate Space, included in the European Cultural Centre’s 2019 Art Biennale in Venice, Italy. Her work is represented in important museum collections including the Museum of Modern Art, NYC; the High Museum; Albright-Knox Gallery; The Fogg Museum at Harvard and among many other important public and private collections.

Following the program President Scott Williams reminded all that we will be meeting at Sacred Heart Cultural Center next week and proceeded to lead us in the four-way test and then adjourned the meeting.

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Shanda Vaughn
Outside Challenger: Par 3 Rentals, Christie Beckham



Cheryl Goldslege
Trevor Gillies
Deb Karagosian

Guest Of
Steve Munn
Kevin Wade

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Meeting Makeup

Larry Toole 8-29-19 Augusta West Rotary
Chris McKinney 9-9-19 Rotary Board of Director Meeting
Faye Hargrove 9-9-19 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting

The following will receive a make-up for attending the Rotary Board of Directors meeting held on Tuesday, September 10, Cranston Engineering:

Scott Williams
Leland Malchow
Brett Montroy
Kevin Grogan
Dora Hogg
Faye Hargrove
Dustin Young
Chris McKinney
Shanda Vaughn


Forester Adams
Zach Kelehear
Tony Bernados
Ramone Lamkin
Shell Berry
Tony Lever
Christine Betts
Rick Lowe
Barclay Bishop
Robetta McKenzie
Steve Boler
Chris McKinney
Mac Bowman
Connie Melear
Edward Braun
Sam Meller
Dave Brendza
Ian Mercier

Bennish Brown
Erick Montgomery
Carl Brown
Betts Murdison
Larry Broyles
Josh Nolan
Nate Cartwright
Jeff Partl
Gretchen Caughman
Adrienne Patterson
Patrick Cullinan
De Pierce
Tom Denlinger
Jonathan Powell
Rob Dennis
Anna Reeves
Chris Etterlee
Daniel Rhodes

Laverne Gaskins
Steve Smith
Mark Gilliam
Stan Stanton
Faye Hargrove
Kevin Steffes
Chad Harpley
Kyle Titus
Randy Hatcher
Sonny Tucker
Steve Hobbs
Phil Wahl
Clay Jolly
Hawthorne Welcher
Brooks Keel
George Williams
Russell Keen