District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

June 17, 2019

Meeting Minutes

President Leland Malchow rang the bell and called the meeting to order. Jeff Flowers gave the pledge and invocationThanks to our inside challenger, Stacy Tallent and the outside challenger, Health Center Credit Union, the club raised $325.88 for CART at our last meeting.  This week the inside challenger is Lowell Greenbaum and our outside challenger is Master Buick GMC. James Heffner introduced our guest and visiting RotariansGould Hagler gave the Sunshine Report.

The club recognized and congratulated Lowell Greenbaum and his wife Gloria as they celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary and Lowell’s 91st birthday last week.  They were joined at the meeting by their son and granddaughter. 


President Leland reported that on June 13 our club and the Augusta West Rotary Club delivered medicine to St. Vincent’s Clinic.  Leland was joined by Bill Kemp, Faye Hargrove, and Scott Williams at the event, which was recognized on the front page of the Augusta Chronicle.

The June 24 meeting will include the Passing of the Gavel ceremony.  Please join us as we thank all prior club Presidents and welcome our new officers for the 2019-2020 Rotary year.


President Leland presented the annual “Year-end Review” to the club.  The 2018-2019 Rotary year was focused on polio, Alzheimer’s, and our area youth.  Along the way, the Board also took steps to incorporate some fun into the year as well.

Our year included the following events, activities, and achievements:

  • We contributed $15,000 to Polio Plus, which was then doubled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a total contribution of $45,000.
  • Recognized on the district level for our CART Fundraising.  Over the last 10 years we have contributed over $100,000 to CART
  • Participated in the first ever SMASH Alzheimer’s event coordinated by John Whitwell
  • Anna Reeves and her family hosted our GRSP Student.  Thank you to the GRSP Committee and in particular to Ed Presnell for serving as a GRSP Trustee for the state program.
  • Participated in our Signature Fundraiser by collaborating with Dr. Mac Bowman and the Horizon Foundation to donate $25,000 to Child Enrichment.  A special thank you to Shanda Vaughn for coordinating the event for us.
  •  We had great participation from our Interact Clubs at Richmond Academy and Westminster.
  • Our annual speech contest was another success.
  • We participated in “Sound the Alarm” by using a district grant to help the Red Cross install smoke detectors in the community.  Thank you to Matt Barrett for coordinating the event.
  • Thank you to Frank Mulherin for coordinating our annual golf tournament.
  • We hosted our first annual College Football Tailgate Party, Oktoberfest, and St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
  • And in the end, we raised or donated more than $150,000 to support Polio Plus, Alzheimer’s research, and the youth in our community

It was a great Rotary year and a job well done by all.

President Leland introduced and thanked the Board and Officers:

  • Ed Presnell – Immediate Past President
  • Scott Williams – President Elect
  • Dustin Young – Treasurer
  • Kevin Grogan
  • Chris Mckinney
  • Dora Hogg
  • Faye Hargrove
  • Brett Montroy           
  • Shanda Vaughn

President Leland then recognized and thanked the following Committee Chairs and presented them with a Rotary super hero label pins:

  • Attendance – Stan Sheppard
  • Awards – Jimmy Richards
  • Bulletin – Stacy Talent
  • Cart – Bob Baisden
  • Classification – Eddie Booth
  • College Pick’um –Jeff Simless and Ashlee Duren 
  • Family of Rotary – Leigh Porterfield
  • Foundation – Zack Kelleher
  • Global Service – TR Ready
  • Greeter – Daniel Rhodes
  • Hull Fund – Haskell Toporek
  • Interact – Jerry Rogers
  • Literacy – Laverne Gaskin
  • Membership – Sue Parr
  • Memorials – Bill Keogh
  • Pledge/Invocation – Jim Price
  • Programs – Eric Montgomery
  • Public Relations – Jim Laura
  • Recognition – Susan Everett
  • Roster and Rotary Information – Bill Kemp
  • Rotaract -Ian Mercier
  • Scrapbook – Matt Barrett
  • Speech Contest – Tim Owens
  • Sunshine – Barkley Bishop
  • Website – Jeffery Partl

President Leland recognized Anna Reeves, Shanda Vaughn, and Nita Mulherin as our newest Will Watt Fellows and thanked them all for their continued support of Rotary.

He also recognized Shanda Vaughn, Patrick Cullinan, and Anna Reeves as our newest Paul Harris Fellows and presented the following with additional Paul Harris pins:

  • Dustin Young, Paul Harris +2
  • Randy Hatcher, Paul Harris +3
  • John Whitwell, Paul Harris+3
  • Ed Presnell, Paul Harris +4

Following the presentation, Lowell Greenbaum stood and personally thanked Leland for his year of service as President.  Leland was then celebrated with a standing ovation by the club. 

President Leland led us in reciting the four-way test and then adjourned the meeting. 

Our next meeting will be June 24 and we will pass the gavel to the next President.   

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Lowell Greenbaum
Outside Challenger: Master Buick GMC
A memorial donation of $550.00 to the CART fund in memory of Mary Louise Davis, mother of, James Davis, President/CEO of University Health Care system.


Total CART: $888.25



Guest Of
Guest Speaker

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Westminster Interact Club

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians

Ricardo Bravo

Martinez Evans Rotary Club

Meeting Makeup

Billy Franke 6-17-19 On Line Make up
Kevin Grogan 6-17-19 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting


Forester Adams
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Bob Baisden
Susan Jernigan
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Susan Everett
Jimmy Richards
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