District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

February 25, 2019

Meeting Minutes

Bell rung at 12:15 PM

For today’s meeting, Interact students from Richmond Academy and Westminster assumed leadership roles and conducted the meeting. Mr. Hill Nixon served as our club President for the day.

Pledge/Invocation: George Demeyer/Lofton Phillips
Guests/visiting Rotarians: Erica Swierski
Sunshine Report: Andrew McCullie
Interact Students:  Nick Deleney


The inside challenger is Chris McKinney and the outside challenger is Rick Franza. Thank you to our challengers and club members for your continued support of Alzheimer’s research.

President Nixon called on Leland Malchow for the President’s Report.


 President Leland reported that we sold 578 tickets of the total 1000 sold for the raffle.  The reception at the Mercedes Benz dealership was a great event and highlighted by club member, Faye Hargrove winning the brand new Mercedes.  Club members, Steve Hobbs and Brenda Durant, also won prizes.  We were all treated to a short video that captured the drawing and Faye’s reaction to winning.


President Leland presented the slate of officers and board members for the 2019-2020 Rotary year.  This slate was presented 30 days ago and a motion was made to approve it as presented.  The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.  Congratulations to the following officers and board members;     

Scott Williams, President
Dustin Young, President Elect/Secretary
Shanda Vaughn, President Nominee/Treasurer

Board Members:

  • Kevin Grogan
  • Chris McKinney
  • Faye Hargrove
  • Dora Hogg
  • Brett Montroy           
  • Leigh Porterfield


President Leland called on Tim Owings to introduce our contest winners.  Before doing so, he recognized all members of the committee, the judges, and a special welcome back to Laverne Gold, our retired club member who was instrumental in growing the contest since inception.

All winners were awarded cash prizes ranging from $125 to $275.  The 3rd place winner was Cara Chigwell, 2nd place winner Hannah Daniel, and 1st place winner Kayla Harmon.  The club was honored to hear the winning speeches from Ms. Daniel and Ms. Harmon.


President Nixon called on Anna Reeves to introduce our speaker, Ms. Valerie Williams Hogan, President of the Board of Trustees for the Augusta Ballet. 

Ms. Williams Hogan shared with the club that the Augusta Ballet has transitioned from running a dance group to being a presenting dance company.  In this role, they focus their time and attention on raising money in order to pay professional performers to come to Augusta.  This allows the Augusta Ballet to bring in high quality performances without the overhead expenses of managing their own dance group.

The ballet also works to make access to performances available to the community.  They collaborate with local dance studios so students can attend for free or at a minimal cost. 

They partner with the Jessie Norman School, the Kroc Center, and the Boys and Girls Clubs to host weeklong dance camps for interested students.  Most of these camps cost students between $5-10 for the week. 

The Ballet is able to support these events through funds raised from their annual events including the Ambassador Soiree, Tour of Homes, and Croquet for Ballet.  Anyone interested in participating should call or check their website.

Dorothy McLeod led the club in the 4-way test and the meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM.

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Chris McKinney
Outside Challenger: Rick Franza



Valerie Hogan
Joe Edge
Tricia Nixon
Laverne Gold

Guest Of
Guest Speaker
David Bullington
Erick Montgomery
Tim Owings

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Harry Jones
Sam Means
Carson Dickinson
Rob Rice

Westminster Interact Club

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

Jeanette Cummings 2-25-19 On Line Make up
Dora Hogg 2-25-19 Rotary Board of Director Meeting


Forester Adams
Jim Laura
Clay Bednarz
Rick Lowe
Barclay Bishop
Ben McElreath
Steve Boler
Linda McKnight
Conley Braun
Gene McManus
Dave Brendza
Travis McNeal
Carl Brown
Connie Melear
Larry Broyles
Sam Meller
Brittany Burnett
Ian Mercier
Nate Cartwright
Frank Mulherin
Gretchen Caughman
Anne Catherine Murray
Jeanette Cummings

Robert Osborne
Rob Dennis
Natalie Paine
John Donaldson
Sue Parr
Ashley Duren
Jeff Partl
Chris Etterlee
Jennifer Pennington
Bob Evans
Leigh Porterfield
Fran Forehand
Jonathan Powell
Laverne Gaskins
Angela Pringle
Mark Gilliam
TR Reddy
Surendra Gupta
Daniel Rhodes
Aimee Hall
Jerry Rogers
Faye Hargrove
Stan Shepherd

Chad Harpley
Deborah Sleeth
Tripp Harrison
Steve Smith
David Hogg
John Snider
Dora Hogg
Jeff Spears
Richard Isdell
Kevin Steffes
Janice Jackson
Kyle Titus
Susan Jernigan
Sonny Tucker
Judy Kaye
John Whitwell
Brooks Keel
Willie Williams
Russell Keen
George Williams
Scott Kelly
Margaret Woodard