District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

December 10, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Bell rung at 12:15 PM
Pledge/Invocation: Jeff Flowers
Guests/visiting Rotarians: John Sebby
Interact Student Introduction: Ridge Whitehurst
Sunshine Report: Richard Rogers


At our last meeting, we raised $103.05 for CART.  We will continue raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s through contributions to the blue bucket, however we are going to suspend the Inside and Outside challenges for December and January while we focus on the Smash Alzheimer’s Campaign and the upcoming Signature Fundraising Raffle.


Report given by Jeff Simless, announced that the email for the final week will be coming out by Monday the 17th.  The leaders for the entire season are Chris Melcher, John Whitwell, and Brett Montroy, respectively.


President Leland updated the club on our efforts selling tickets for the raffle.  So far, we have 70 members committed to buy or sell 357 tickets towards our goal of 500 tickets. The drawing will be held Valentine’s Day 2019.


  • President Leland announced that former club member, Ms. Keith Claussen, passed away over the weekend. 
  • The Orientation Committee will meet at Intelisystems later this afternoon at 4:30.
  • Tim Owings, Chair of the Speech Committee, will be meeting with his Committee immediately following the club meeting.


Rotarian Ann Katherine Murray introduced our guest speaker, Major General Perry Smith, USAF Retired. General Smith gave a fascinating presentation about Dr. Hervey Cleckley who was an accomplished athlete, scholar, and physician from Augusta. He was also the uncle of General Smith’s wife.

Dr. Cleckley was the foremost authority in two areas, psychopathy and dissociative identity syndrome. He is actually being featured in the popular TV series, Mindhunter, in its third episode.

Dr. Cleckley is more widely known for his book, Three Faces of Eve, which was based on a local resident and adapted into a movie which premiered in Augusta. The main character, Joanne Woodward, won an academy award for her portrayal of Eve.

In researching Dr. Cleckley, General Smith discovered that non-criminal psychopaths are much more common in society than he thought.  Nearly one in one hundred in America is a psychopath. Some of the more famous Presidents that were probably psychopaths or marginal psychopaths include Kennedy, Clinton, Jackson, and Johnson. 

He also reported that the top 10 professions with the highest number of psychopaths include CEOs, lawyers, media personalities, salespersons, surgeons, journalist, police officers, clergy, chefs, and civil servants. Coincidentally, that list makes up 80% of our club.

General Smith closed by taking questions from the floor. He also brought club members a copy of a 45-minute documentary featuring Dr. Cleckley for everyone to pick up on their way out. 


The December 17th meeting will be our traditional Christmas Party with children running the meeting. If you have kids or grandkids who would like to participate please let President Leland know. The Salvation Army Band will be playing and the Blue Ridge Elementary School Chorus will be singing. 

There will be no meetings on December 24th or the 31st because of the holidays and then our first meeting in January will be the CSRA Economic Forecast Luncheon at the Marriott.

President Leland led the club in the 4-way test and the meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM. 

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CART buckets



Perry Smith
Kate Gary
Connor Smith
Pat Crumrine

Guest Of
Susan Everitt
Anne Catherine Murray
Anne Catherine Murray

Visiting Rotarians



Richmond County Interact Club

Hill Nixon
Dorothy McLeod
Anne Carter Capps

Meeting Makeup

Frank Mulherin 12-10-18 Red Badge Orientation
Bill Kemp 12-10-18 Martinez Evans Rotary Club
Kyle Titus 12-10-18 Red Badge Orientation
Ray Walters 12-03-18 On Line Make Up
Dustin Young 12-10-18 Rotary Board Meeting
Faye Hargrove 11-26-18 Rotary Board Meeting
Brett Montroy 11-26-18 Rotary Board Meeting

The following attended the Red Badge Orientation held on Monday, December 10, 2018:

Wesley Brown
Kyle Titus
Leland Malchow
Herb Upton
Frank Mulherin
Shell Berry
John Whitwell
Kevin Wade
Bill Kemp

The following will receive a make up for attending the Rotary Board of Directors meeting held on December 11, 2018:

Leland Malchow
Ed Presnell
Faye Hargrove
Shanda Vaughn
Dustin Young
Dora Hogg
Scott Williams
Kevin Grogan
Brett Montroy


Forester Adams
Tony Lever
Stacie Adkins
Rob McKenzie
Clay Bednarz
Gene McManus
Tony Bernados
Travis McNeal
Chris Bird
Brad Means
Barclay Bishop
Chris Melcher
Marilyn Bowcutt
Connie Melear
Edward Braun
Ian Mercier
David Brendza
Frank Mulherin
Bennish Brown
Betts Murdison
Carl Brown
Sheri Osburn
Brittany Burnett

Natalie Paine
Eddie Bussey
Sue Parr
Greg Capers
Jeff Partl
Gretchan Caughman
Leigh Porterfield
Gwendolyn Conner
Jonathan Powell
Jeanette Cummings
Angela Pringle
Tom Denlinger
Daniel Rhodes
Neal Dickert
Jerry Rogers
John Donaldson
Billy Schafer
Steve Farmer
Stan Shepherd
Fran Forehand
Deborah Sleeth
Mark Gilliam
John Snider

Gould Hagler
Stan Stanton
George Hall
Kevin Steffes
Chad Harpley
Kyle Titus
Tripp Harrison
Sonny Tucker
Randy Hatcher
Paul Wade
Millie Huff
Frank Ward
Janice Jackson
Willie Williams
Brooks Keel
George Williams
Russell Keen
Margaret Woodard
Zach Kelehear
Dustin Young
Bill Keogh
Jim Laura