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Rotary Bulletin

November 5, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Bell rung at 12:15 PM
Pledge/Invocation: Erick Montgomery
Guests/visiting Rotarians: Patrick Cullinan
Interact Introductions: Ann Catherine Murray
Sunshine Report: Faye Hargrove

At our last meeting, we raised $326.85 for CART thanks to Inside Challenger Neita Mulherin and Outside Challenger Anna Reeves and the Augusta Women’s Club.  We will continue raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s through contributions to the blue bucket, however, we are going to suspend the Inside and Outside challenges for November, December, and January while we focus on the Smash Alzheimer’s Campaign and the upcoming Signature Fundraising Raffle.

John Whitwell reported on the exciting Smash Alzheimer’s fund-raising campaign to help the CART Fund give more grants to researchers to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s. The idea is similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge from a few years ago. The idea is for each of us to make a video, post it on social media then challenge others in our networks to make a donation and do the same.  John asked that each of us either copy and paste the following message or write something ourselves, but be certain to add the website where donations can be made.  The hashtags #SmashAlzheimers , #SmashAlz , and #TheCARTFund should be added to each message.

“I want to make a difference and find a cure for this terrible disease. Through the CART Fund (Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust), which provides grants to Alzheimer’s research, we are raising money to help find a cure. 100% OF THE FUNDS DONATED GO TO RESEARCH!!!

The idea is to make a video of you smashing something (anything you want), make a donation at www.smashalzheimers.com or www.smashalz.com , post it on social media, and then challenge and tag at least 3 others to do the same. Together we will find a cure and Smash Alzheimer’s!!!! PLEASE MAKE AND SHARE YOUR OWN VIDEOS! How creative can you be?  Remember to recycle.

Report given by John Simless announced that Sam Meller was the weekly winner. Current standings were available at the sign-in table.

President Leland announced that we have partnered with Mercedes Benz of Augusta and the Dr. Mac Bowman Foundation to raffle off a brand new Mercedes Benz.  Details include the following:

  • The Raffle will be held in early February.
  • The Signature Fundraising Committee, Board of Directors, and I are asking each Club member to buy or sell at least three tickets.
  • Those who cannot buy tickets will be asked to work at some of the raffle ticket-selling functions.
  • The top 5 ticket purchasers and sellers will be awarded a thousand Paul Harris Points.
  • The second top 5 ticket purchasers or sellers will be awarded 500 Paul Harris Points each.
  • Each member who buys or sells 3 tickets will receive a Rotary Club of Augusta, Service Above Self lapel pin.
  • All members participating will receive an acknowledgment in a fundraising report to the Club.
  • Our Club's goal is to sell 500 tickets or more.
  • The proceeds should net approximately $25,000 for Child Enrichment.
  • Tickets are $100 and only a thousand tickets will be sold.
  • The Signature Fundraising Committee looked at many fundraising opportunities and they believe this raffle is the best way for our Club to assist Child Enrichment in the vital work that it performs in our community.
  • Thank you for your help in making this a successful fundraising campaign.

President Leland called on Carrie Viola Brooke, Executive Director of Child Enrichment Inc. who gave a quick overview of the services provided by her organization and thanked our club for choosing them to be the beneficiary of our Signature Fundraiser.  Leland will be sending each club member an email with all of the details and a commitment form to be turned back in.   

Rotarian Lowell Greenbaum introduced today’s speaker Dr. Carol Lefebvre who is the Dean of the Dental College of Georgia (DCG).  Dr. Lefebvre updated the club on the many exciting things happening at the DCG, which is the largest Board of Regents project in the state. 

Admission to the DCG is highly competitive with nearly 7 applicants for each seat available.  The quality of incoming students continues to increase each year.  Dr. Lefebvre enlightened the group on the cost of dental school and was pleased with the fact that our students graduate with almost $90,000 less in student debt than at other schools.

She is also glad that the school is able to invest in more teachers so that the teacher/student ratio remains 1 to 10 for the simulation classroom and 1 to 6 for the surgical area. 

Dr. Lefebvre shared that the DCG is a wonderful art gallery with over 180 pieces of artwork proudly displayed throughout.  She closed by telling us about the highly successful Georgia Mission of Mercy project sponsored by the Georgia Dental Association hosted locally in the James Brown Arena.  During the two-day event, 1700 patients received 10,000 dental procedures representing over $1.5 million in donated care provided. 

There will be no meeting on either November 12 (Veterans Day) or November 19 (Thanksgiving Holiday week).
Our November 26 meeting will feature Jim Hull, member, Georgia Board of Regents.

President Leland led the club in the 4-way test and the meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM. 

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