District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

September 24, 2018

Meeting Minutes

President Leland Malchow rang the bell to call the meeting to order. Jim Price gave the Pledge and Invocation. Frank Ward introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians.

Willie Williams introduced the visiting Interact Students. Tom Clark gave the Sunshine Report. At our last meeting the inside CART challenger was Dave Brendza and ADP was the outside challenger. This week the inside challenger is club member Matt Barrett and the outside challenger is Elisabeth Barrett Realty. Kevin Grogan introduced our two newest members, Tony Bernados, President of the Augusta Chronicle and Chronicle Media, and Wesley Brown, Director of Development for Westminster Schools of Augusta. 


  • President Leland called on Jeff Simless for an update on our weekly football pick’em.  We had 48 participants in week 4.  Several folks did not get the weekly email and it was suggested that if you do not receive the email by noon on Tuesday please email Ashley Duren or Jeff. Our week 4 winner was Paul Wade who picked 9 out of 11 games correctly and won in a 3-way tiebreaker. Susan Rice remains our overall leader at 75%. 
  • Keeping with the sports theme, the club recognized and congratulated the Atlanta Braves for winning their division. It has been a long time since they rolled off 11 straight division titles.
  • President Leland called upon Leigh Porterfield to discuss our October 15 meeting. Instead of our usual lunch program, we will meet from 5:30-7:30 in the same location and will enjoy a wine and craft beer tasting along with live music. More info will follow and everyone is asked to RSVP to Leigh.
  • Dustin Young reminded everyone to use the club website, DacDb to update your personal information including a current picture. Anyone needing assistance should call him.
  • Scott Sidle invited everyone to the upcoming performance of “Anything Goes” being performed by the Augusta Players. Rotarians will receive a 10% discount for the upcoming shows this weekend.


President Leland called on Ann Catherine Murray to introduce our speaker, Maestro Dirk Meyer, Music Director for the Augusta Symphony

Mr. Meyer gave the club an update on the upcoming concert series, which includes the Family Concerts in Columbia County, the Pops Series at the Miller Theater, and the Symphony Series. He also included information about the new app that you can use during the performance to enhance your experience. The Symphony Series will include six distinct shows with each show centered around a common theme. His presentation was excellent and included excerpts from the various shows. His passion was evident and those who could stay a little longer enjoyed a first class sampling of what to expect at the shows.


Our next meeting will be October 1 and our speaker will be our new District Governor.   

The meeting was adjourned with the Four Way Test.

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Matt Barrettndza
Outside Challenger: Elizabeth Barrett Realty Company



Dirk Meyer
Althea Kingsmill
Paula Meyer

Guest Of
Anne Catherine Murray
Dora Hogg

Visiting Rotarians

Tina Elm

S.W. Pacific County Rotary Club

Richmond County Interact Club

Harry Jones
Reab Berry
Connor Vincent
Drew Moses

Meeting Makeup

Chris McKinney 9-24-18 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting
Darryl Leech 9-24-18 On-Line Make Up
Leland Malchow 9-17-18 Red Badge Orientation Meeting

The following will receive a make-up for attending the Red Badge Orientation meeting held on Monday, September 24.

Bill Kemp
Bennish Brown
Leland Malchow
Frank Mulherin
Ed Presnell
Herb Upton
Kevin Wade
John Whitwell
Scott Williams


Forester Adams
Russell Keen
Stacie Adkins
Jim Laura
Clay Bednarz
Darryl Leech
Chris Bird
Rob McKenzie
Barclay Bishop
Chris McKinney
Marilyn Bowcutt
Linda McKnight
Conley Braun
Gene McManus
Dave Brendza
Brad Means
Carl Brown

Betts Murdison
Andy Carrier
Natalie Paine
Gwendolyn Conner
Sue Parr
Patrick Cullinan
Jeff Partl
Neal Dickert
Jonathan Powell
John Donaldson
TR Reddy
Susan Everitt
Anna Reeves
Steve Farmer
Daniel Rhodes
Fran Forehand
Jerry Rogers

Rick Franza
Richard Rogers
Renye Gallup
Billy Schafer
Mark Gilliam
Deborah Sleeth
Randy Harcher
Steve Smith
James Heffner
John Snider
Judy Kaye
Stan Stanton
Brooks Keel
Kyle Titus
George Williams
Margaret Woodward