District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

September 17, 2018

Meeting Minutes

President-Elect Scott Williams rang the bell to call the meeting to order.
John Snider gave the Pledge and Invocation. 
Frank Ward introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians.
Ridge Whitehurst introduced the visiting Interact Students. 
Brad Means gave the Sunshine Report.


At our last meeting the inside challenger was Chris Melcher and club member Eddie Bussey, with State Farm Insurance, was the outside challenger. This week the inside challenger is club member Dave Brendza and the outside challenger is ADP. 


  • President-Elect Scott called on Jeff Simless for an update on our weekly football pick’em.  After having won the first week, Susan Rice is our first repeat winner having won in a tiebreaker for week 3.  If you are not getting the email to participate from Ashlee Duren please let Jeff know.
  • President-Elect Scott reminded the club that John Whitwell is coordinating the Smash Alzheimer’s event to raise money. September 21st is Alzheimer’s Awareness Day.  More info on the event can be found at smashalzheimers.com. 
  • Our GRSP student received her official Rotary badge today. Congratulations to Linnea!


President-Elect Scott Williams called on Dr. Gretchen Caughman to introduce our speaker, Dr. Alexander Schwartzmann, the new Dean of the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences at Augusta University.

Dr. Schwarzmann is a nationally recognized expert in computer technology whose work primarily focuses on cybersecurity of electronic voting, distributed computing, survivable distributed information systems, and fault-tolerant systems. Having been in his new role with AU for only a few short weeks, Dr. Schwartzmann focused his remarks on the history of election voting from the early days of pre-printed colored tickets to electronic voting machines today.

He shared many of the challenges related to the voting process, which include reliability, security, and the ability to audit the systems. As a computer scientist, he stated that his sole focus was on the technology and not the politics of election voting. Once the scientist gets involved in the political side of voting, such as voter ID laws and fraud related to deceased voters, then he loses credibility. 


Our next meeting will be September 24 and our speaker will be Dirk Meyer with the Augusta Symphony Orchestra.   

The meeting was adjourned with the Four Way Test.

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Dave Brendza
Outside Challenger: ADP



Dr. Alexander Schwarzman
Wesley Brown
Tony Bernados
Earl Johnson
Nugla Karim

Guest Of
Kevin Grogan
Kevin Grogan
Tony Lever
Paul Dainer

Visiting Rotarians

Tina Elm

S.W. Pacific County Rotary Club

Richmond County Interact Club

Dorothy McLeod
Alex Schwarzman

Meeting Makeup

Faye Hargrove 9-17-18 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting
Brett Montroy 9-17-18 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting
Brad Means 9-10-18 Emcee, United Way


Forester Adams
Randy Hatcher
Stacie Adams
James Heffner
Bob Baisden
Richard Isdell
Jim Becton
Judy Kaye
Clay Bednarz
Brooks Keel
Shell Berry
Russell Keen
Christine Betts
Rick Lowe
Chris Bird
Leland Malchow
Barclay Bishop
Ben McElreath

Steve Boler
Rob McKenzie
Marilyn Bowcutt
Ian Mercier
Conley Braun
Brett Montroy
Carl Brown
Sheri Osburn
David Bullington
Natalie Paine
Andy Carrier
Jeff Partl
Len Collins
Jonathan Powell
Tom Denlinger
Daniel Rhodes
Neal Dickert
John Sebby

Ashlee Duren
Scott Seidl
Fran Forehand
Stan Shepherd
Laverne Gaskins
Deborah Sleeth
Mark Gilliam
Charles Stewart
Gould Hagler
Kyle Titus
Aimee Hall
Havird Usry
Faye Hargrove
Phil Wahl
Chad Harpley
Willie Williams
Tripp Harrison
George Williams
Margaret Woodard