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Rotary Bulletin

August 13, 2018

Meeting Minutes

President Leland Malchow rang the bell to call the meeting to order. Jim Price gave the Pledge and Invocation. Eddie Bussey introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. At our last meeting we raised $288.63.  The inside challenger was Linda McKnight and the outside challenger was Steve Farmer. This week the inside challenger is club member Susan Jernigan and her new company, Jernigan Group South, and the outside challenger is Claffey Printing Company. The Sunshine Report was presented by Richard Rogers.


  • President Leland introduced Matt Barrett as our newest Paul Harris Fellow and presented him with a pin and certificate.
  • President Leland introduced our new GRSP student, Linnea Larson from Sweden. Linnea spoke briefly and invited everyone to follow her on Facebook as she will be updating her adventures regularly.
  • Jeff Simless reported on our First Annual Rotary Tailgate event taking place August 20th to kick off the new college football season.  Follow up emails will be sent this week explaining the logistics. Everyone is encouraged to wear their team colors and support their team next week. 
  • Leigh Porterfield reported that the upcoming Family of Rotary night will be at the Greenjackets stadium on August 23th. The game will include a fireworks show. Tickets are $25 each and include a full dinner buffet. Anyone interested in participating should reach out to Leigh for more details.
  • President Leland took this opportunity to recognize SRP Park for being named the #1 baseball stadium for 2018. This is a significant accomplishment for our area.
  • President Leland recognized Laverne Gold for the recent article in the Augusta Chronicle announcing her retirement from the United Way and thanked her for her service to the community.
  • On August 27th, the club will meet at the Bell Auditorium to help the United Way kick off their annual campaign.
  • The Club Board of Directors will meet tomorrow at Cranston Engineering.


President Leland called on Susan Jernigan to introduce our guest speaker, Maggie Needham, Professor of Archeology at Augusta University.

Ms. Needham spoke about the upcoming Southeastern Archaeologist Conference that will be held in Augusta during November. The SEAC has nearly 1000 members comprised of students, professional archeologists, and enthusiasts. Attendance at the conference is expected to exceed 800. 

The SEAC will being celebrating their 75th anniversary this year and the conference will include a field trip over to Stallings Island.  Ms. Needham explained the purpose of the group which is to come together and share data with each other and with the public. 

They are concerned with the ethical removal of artifacts, the treatment once removed, and the ongoing maintenance of those items. They are focused on standardizing the process of cataloging and comparing items across geographic regions. One of the successful programs provided by SEAC is the Veterans Curation Program where they teach recently separated Veterans how to be curators of artifacts. 

In closing, Ms. Needham gave a very brief history of the Creek Confederacy that formed along the Savannah and Ocmulgee Rivers during the 16th and 18th centuries. This development was impacted by both the Spanish and English rule during those times. 


Our next meeting will be August 20th and will be our first annual Tailgate Party.

The meeting was adjourned with the Four Way Test.

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Inside Challenger: Susan Jernigan
Outside Challenger: Claffey Printing



Maggie Needham
Marsha Barrett
Kyle Titus
Jim Wilson
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Matt Barrett
Tony Lever
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Susan Jernigan

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Meeting Makeup

Matt Barrett 8-6-18 Augusta West Rotary
Reyne Gallup 7-30-18 Red Badge Orientation
Scott Williams 8-13-18 Red Badge Orientation
Kevin Wade 8-6-18 Red Badge Orientation
Shell Berry 7-30-18 Red Badge Orientation

The following will receive a makeup for attending the Red Badge Orientation meeting held on Monday, August 6.

Gwendolyn Conner
Reyne Gallup
Tony Lever
Leland Malchow
Scott Williams
Herb Upton
Kevin Wade
Shell Berry
Frank Mulherin
Bill Kemp


Forester Adams
Russell Keen
Robert Baisden
Scott Kelly
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Robetta McKenzie
Shell Berry
Chris McKinney
Christine Betts
Linda McKnight
Chris Bird
Brad Means
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Chris Melcher
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Connie Melear
Mark Bowen
Sam Meller
Conley Braun
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