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Rotary Bulletin

August 6, 2018

Meeting Minutes

President Leland Malchow rang the bell to call the meeting to order. Eddie Bussey gave the Pledge and Invocation. Ann Katherine Murray introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. At our last meeting we raised $261.00. The inside challenger was Russell Keen and the outside challenger was Augusta University Health. This week the inside challenger is club member Linda McKnight and the outside challenger is Steve Farmer. The Sunshine Report was presented by Brad Means.


  • President Leland introduced our new GRSP student, Linnea Larson from Sweden. Linnea is interested in becoming a dentist or engineer. President Leland extended a personal thank you to the Susan Jernigan for hosting Linnea this week.
  • Jeff Simless reported on our First Annual Rotary Tailgate event taking place August 20th to kick off the new college football season. Follow up emails will be sent this week explaining the logistics.
  • Leigh Porterfield reported that the upcoming Family of Rotary night will be at the Greenjackets stadium on August 23th (previously scheduled for the 11th).  The game will include a fireworks show. Tickets are $25 each and include a full dinner buffet.   Anyone interested in participating should reach out to Leigh for more details.
  • Bill Kemp will lead a Rotary Orientation meeting today at 4:30 at Intellisystems on Greene Street.
  • Past District Governor Pam Lightsey presented Past President Jennifer Pennington a certificate for the Club’s Foundation giving for the 2016-2017 Rotary year. 


President Leland called on Patrick Cullinan to introduce our guest speaker, Milledge Murray, retired Augusta Banker and baseball historian and enthusiast.  Mr. Murray shared many stories about baseball in Augusta and highlighted some of the unique historical facts. 

He told about many of the baseball greats who played in Augusta including Cy Young, Billy Johnson, and Ty Cobb. He recounted that from the late 1800s to the early 1920s that Augusta was host to most of the professional teams for spring training. Our weather and the not yet developed Florida resources made Augusta a prime location.

Mr. Murray also believes and has documented that Augusta may very well have been the site of the very first night baseball game at the old Augusta Armory on 9th and Reynolds streets. He shared that Augusta had a very rich baseball history until 1963 and there was no baseball until the Augusta Pirates, a Pittsburgh affiliate, came to town in 1988.  The current team, the August Greenjackets, has since transitioned from the Pirates to the Boston Red Sox and now to the San Francisco Giants affiliate. 

In closing, Patrick Cullinan returned to the stage and both he and Mr. Murray presented Past President Ed Presnell with an autographed baseball signed by former New York Yankee, Bobby Richardson.


Our next meeting will be August 13th and the speaker will be Maggie Needham, an archeologist from Augusta University, who will tell us about her recent digs. 

The meeting was adjourned with the Four Way Test.

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Inside Challenger: Linda McKnight
Outside Challenger: Steve Farmer



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