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Rotary Bulletin

July 30, 2018

Meeting Minutes

President Leland Malchow rang the bell to call the meeting to order. George Hall gave the Pledge and Invocation. Gwen Connor introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. At our last meeting we raised $314.00. The inside challenger was Brett Montroy and the outside challenger was Sanford, Bruker, and Banks. This week the inside challenger is club member Russell Keen and the outside challenger is Augusta University Health. The Sunshine Report was presented by Faye Hargrove.


  • President Leland announced that our new GRSP student, Linnea Larson, will be arriving soon from Sweden.  Linnea is interested in becoming a dentist or engineer.  President Leland extended a personal thank you to the Anna Reeves and the rest of the GRSP Committee.  Linnea will be arriving to Augusta on August 4th and will join us for our next meeting on the 6th.
  • President Leland recognized and thanked Past President Ed Presnell for agreeing to serve as a trustee of the GRSP program. 
  • President Leland presented Paul Harris pins to the following individuals and thanked them for their contributions to Rotary:
    Bill Keogh +1
    Stan Stanton +1
    Bob Baisden +2
    Lowell Greenbaum +3
  • The upcoming Family of Rotary night will be at the Greenjackets stadium on August 23rd. The game will include a fireworks show. Anyone interested in participating should reach out to Leigh Porterfield for more details.


President Leland called on Erick Montgomery to introduce our guest speaker, Dayton Sherrouse, Executive Director of the Augusta Canal Authority.  Mr. Sherrouse told about the origins of the canal and how it was used for power, transportation, and a public water supply. The Canal Authority was formed in the late 1980s to manage the canal and bring it back to life.

Mr. Sherrouse gave a history of the four mills on the canal; Sibley, King, Enterprise, and Sutherland, and an update on their current usage. The mills are being leased to various developers for residential and business purposes. The mills continue to generate hydroelectric power which is utilized to power the buildings and any excess is sold to Georgia Power. 

Mr. Sherrouse also talked about the Trinity C.M.E. church which the ACA acquired from a public utility in order to save it from being destroyed.  The Authority was able to successfully move the original building from a piece of property that had been condemned by the utility to a new location on 8th street. He included a brief history of the church going back to its origins in the 1840’s. 


Our next meeting will be August 6th and the speaker will be Lamar Garrard who will speak on Baseball in Augusta during World War II. 

The meeting was adjourned with the Four Way Test.

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Russell Keen
Outside Challenger: Augusta University Health



Dayton Sherrouse
Bennish Brown
Brittany Burnette
Corey Duran
Scott Edwards
Kelly McIntyre

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Guest Speaker
Phil Wahl
Laverne Gold
Fran Forehand
T R Reddy
Laverne Gaskins

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Forester Adams
Rick Lowe
Bob Baisden
Ben McElreath
Clay Bednarz
Rob McKenzie
Shell Berry
Chris McKinney
Chris Bird
Gene McManus
Barclay Bishop
Travis McNeal
Steve Boler
Brad Means
Marilyn Bowcutt
Connie Melear
Conley Braun
Brett Montroy

Dave Brendza
Betts Murdison
Carl Brown
Anne Catherine Murray
Larry Broyles
Robert Osborne
Gretchan Caughman
Sue Parr
Patrick Cullinan
Jeff Partl
Neal Dickert
Leigh Porterfield
John Donaldson
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Daniel Rhodes

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