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Rotary Bulletin

June 18, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Ring Bell @ 12:15 p.m. – Monday, June 18, 2018, Meeting Comes to Order 

Pledge-Invocation: Jim Price led us in the Pledge and gave the Invocation

Guests/Visiting Rotarians: introduced by Clay Jolly

Sunshine Report: Gould Hagler

CART:   At our last meeting, we raised $284.88.  Inside challenger was Rotarian President Elect Leland Malchow and his law firm Nimmons, Malchow, and Johnson was the outside challenger. This week the inside challenger is Rotarian Neita Mulherin and Rotarian Bob Baisden is the outside challengers. CART Fund reminder. Let’s continue helping the committee as we transition years so we can maintain our leadership in the District. 

Special Presentation: Rotary Resolution in memory of Past President Dee Brucker and Paul Harris Fund plus 3 presentation to Dee’s wife Karen and daughter Caroline by Bill Keogh and President Ed Presnell.

New Member Introduction: New member Gwendolyn Comer was introduced and sponsored by Janice Jackson.

Hull Fund Report: given by Haskell Toporek

Announcement: Please complete the survey for President-Elect Leland Malchow

Program: President Ed summarized the highlights and achievements of the past year, including:

    1. Membership has grown to 175-180, depending on how we interpret reports.

    2. We have brought in over 20 new members.

    3. Our programs have been terrific and very diverse in subject matter.

    4. Jakob was a wonderful GRSP student who had a great year with us.

    5. We presented 40 Paul Harris Fellow recognitions, 25% of which were new, 75% PHF+.  In the March PHF campaign, we raised $9,500 which was matched by the Gates Foundation for Polio Plus, thus yielding financial impact of $28,500 alone.

    6. We raised over $15,000 for Alzheimer’s research through the CART fund weekly blue bucket donations.

    7. Our total financial giving impact aggregated $152,000 including support for the following organizations and projects: CART, PHF, District Grant program, Global Grant participation, RPM (Richmond County School program), MAP, GRSP, Will Watt Fellow, Hull Fund support for students, Literacy, speech contest, Polis Plus, 2 GED certificates,

    Augusta Library, Boy Scouts, Salvation Army, and many more.

    8. Our major projects were The Human Trafficking Training for over 100 Law Enforcement Officers, assisting the Red Cross with smoke alarm installations, and reading to elementary school students on Dr. Seuss day. The Human Trafficking training grant was our signature project funded by our District 6920 grant money.

    9. With 180 members, assuming each participated in an average of 3 other community civic or church activities, our Rotary reach touched at least 540 organizations in addition to Rotary.

    10. FOOTBALL FOLLIES was once again a weekly highlight.

    11. Family of Rotary activities were very successful, including GreenJacket game outing, Augusta Canal boat tour, fabulous Christmas/Holiday/Santa/ice cream/Jakob sharing Denmark family traditions, Valentine’s Day Social, and fantastic golf outing!

    12. All committee chairs were asked to stand and be recognized, then the entire club was asked to stand......it was a total Rotary membership participation year in our club.

            Erin Armstrong...Scrapbook
            Phil Wahl...Program
            Tim Owings...Awards
            Sue Parr...Membership
            David Fields...Classification
            Bob Baisden...CART and Roster
            Haskell Toporek...Hull Fund
            Zach Kelehear...Foundation
            Bill Kemp...Rotary Information
            Stan Sheperd...Attendance
            Jeff Partl...Website
            Laverne Gold...Speech Contest
            Barclay Bishop...Sunshine
            Bill Keogh...Memorials and Resolutions
            Susan Everitt...Recognitions
            Richard Isdell...Sgt at Arms
            Daniel Rhodes...Greeters
            Jim Price...Pledge and Invocation
            Stacy Tallent...Bulletin
            Jim Laura...Public Relations
            Shanda Vaughn...Family of Rotary
            Scott Kelly...Member Talks
            Jeff Simless...College Pick ‘Em
            LaVerne Gaskins...Literacy
            T R Reddy...Global Service
            Patrick Cullinan...Community Service and Grants
            Tom Denlinger...GRSP
            Willie Williams...Interact
            Jeff Futrelle...RYLA
    13. Most significantly, we conducted all board meetings abiding by The Four-Way Test (especially one in particular!), and concluded every meeting with The Four-Way Test.

    14. In summary, it was a fun, productive year once again, and next year should continue our 114-year tradition of The Rotary Club of Augusta.  We were honored at the District Conference several times as a club by DG Hamsa Thota.

Reminders: Next week we will pass the gavel….President-Elect Leland, please be present!

The membership joined President Ed in the Four-Way Test: Of all the things we think, say or do, 1st: Is it the Truth, 2nd Is it Fair to all concerned, 3rd Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships, and 4th: Will it be Beneficial to all concerned.

The Bell was rung at 1:15 PM to adjourn the meeting.

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Neita Mulherin
Outside Challenger: Bob Baisden



Sam Moore
Karen Bruker
Caroline Bruker

Guest Of
Kurt Mueller

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians

Richard Garcia
Bill McCartney

Rotary Club of Aiken
Greene & Putnam County Rotary

Meeting Makeup

Brad Means 6-11-18 On-Line Make up
Chris McKinney 6-18-18 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting


Forester Adams
Russell Keen
Matt Barrett
Scott Kelly
Clay Bednarz
Tom Kiernan
Shell Berry
Brian Kyzer
Chris Bird
Mahendra Mandawat
Barclay Bishop
Rob McKenzie
Steve Boler
Linda McKnight
Marilyn Bowcutt
Gene McManus
Mark Bowen
Sam Meller
Edward Braun
Ian Mercier
Carl Brown
Erick Montgomery

Andy Carrier
Brett Montroy
Gretchen Caughman
Betts Murdison
Tom Clark
Anne Catherine Murray
Paul Dainer
Sheri Osburn
Tom Denlinger
Sue Parr
Rob Dennis
Jeff Partl
Neal Dennis
Leigh Porterfield
Rick Donaldson
Jonathan Powell
Betty Dyches
Angela Pringle
Sandy Dyches
TR Reddy
Steve Foushee
Daniel Rhodes

Laverne Gaskins
Hal Scot
Mark Gilliam
Stan Shepherd
Aimee Hall
Deborah Sleeth
George Hall
Steve Smith
Chad Harpley
John Snider
Tripp Harrison
Jeff Spears
Randy Hatcher
Kevin Steffes
Richard Isdell
Linda Tucciarone
Gary Jones
Shanda Vaughn
Judy Kaye
Phil Wahl
Brooks Keel
Frank Ward
Margaret Woodard