District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

June 11, 2018

Meeting Minutes

President Ed rang the bell and called the meeting to order. The pledge and invocation was given by Erick Montgomery. Eddie Bussey welcomed our guests and visiting Rotarians. Thanks to Patrick Cullinan and the outside challengers, Barclay Bishop and Ed Presnell, the club raised $303.80 for CART at our last meeting. Gould Hagler gave our Sunshine Report. The club sang Happy Birthday to Lowell Greenbaum in honor of his 90th birthday.


  • Eddie Booth made a special presentation: Resolution in memory of Past President Hammy Kuhlke.
  • President Ed presented a PHF +3 pin to Hammy’s family.
  • Susan Everitt invited members to attend the Heroes Breakfast on June 19th at First Baptist Church.


Rick Franza introduced our guest speaker Reid Smith, community affairs coordinator for Georgians for Lawsuit Reform, to discuss an amendment on the November ballot to establish a statewide Georgia Business Court. The statewide business court would handle certain forms of business litigation. The court would allow business to business legal action to be litigated in front of judges with business experience. Reid mentioned a pilot program in Fulton and Gwinnett County. He also said the North Carolina Business Court was effective and had lower costs, 

Following the presentation, President Ed led us in reciting the four-way test and then adjourned the meeting.

The next meeting will be on June 18th. The program will be the “2017-2018 year in review” and a special presentation will be made to Karen Brucker and her family.

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Leland Malchow
Outside Challenger: Nimmons, Malchow and Johnson



Reid Smith
Mrs. Angie Kuhlke
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Harbin
Mr. and Mrs. Jennifer Reynolds
Rebecca Cirillo
Ricky Perry, Jr.
Brennan Brown
Aditi Talked
Rasmita Jalla
Gwendolyn Conner

Guest Of
Guest Speaker
Gould Hagler
Tom Clark
Daniel Rhodes
Paul Dainer
Paul Dainer
Janice Jackson

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians

Richard Garcia
Bill McCartney

Rotary Club of Aiken
Greene & Putnam County Rotary

Meeting Makeup

Herb Upton 6-11-18 Red Badge Orientation
Darryl Leech 6-11-18 On-Line Make up
Scott Williams 6-11-18 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting

The following will receive a makeup for attending the Rotary Board of Directors Meeting held on Tuesday, June 12 at Cranston Engineering.
Ed Presnell
Scott Williams
Leland Malchow
Dustin Young
Chris McKinney
Kevin Grogan
Dora Hogg
Jennifer Pennington


Robert Baisden
Darryl Leech
Clay Bednarz
Scott Kelly
Steve Boler
Tom Kiernan
Betty Carter
Brian Kyzer
Gretchen Caughman
Mahendra Mandawat
Patrick Cullinan
Carolyn Maund
Neal Dickert
ob McKenzie
Brenda Durant
Travis McNeal
Ashlee Duren
Brad Means
Betty Dyches

Chris Melcher
Sandy Dykes
Connie Melear
Bob Evans
Ian Mercier
Jeff Flowers
Kurt Mueller
Fran Forehand
Tim Owings
Aimee Hall
Sue Parr
Faye Hargrove
Jeff Partl
Chad Harpley
Jonathan Powell
Tripp Harrison
Jim Price
Randy Hatcher
Angela Pringle

James Heffner
Richard Rogers
Steve Hobbs
Jeff Simless
Clay Jolly
Deborah Sleeth
Gary Jones
Stacy Tallent
Brooks Keel
Linda Tuccirone
Russell Keen
Sonny Tucker
Herb Upton
Phil Wahl
Shanda Vaughn
Scott Williams
George Williams
Margaret Woodard