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Rotary Bulletin

June 4, 2018

Meeting Minutes

President Ed opened the meeting and called on Jeff Flowers, who asked the members to reflect for a moment on the meaning of the Memorial Day just passed and the sacrifices of D-Day whose anniversary is upon us. He then led us in the Pledge and gave the Invocation. President Ed read a letter from Jason Murphy, a previous recipient of a Hull Fund Scholarship. After describing his school and job experience, Mr. Murphy wrote “I simply cannot thank the trustees of the Hull Fund Scholarship enough. I hope that you can see the greatness that this fund is doing for the people you so graciously give to, and I hope that I make each and every one of you proud. It is with the highest honor that I call myself a Hull Fund Scholar.” Richard Rogers gave the Sunshine Report. At our last meeting, we raised $306.09 for CART. Inside challenger was Rotarian Chris Eterlee; Fuller, Frost, and Associates was the outside challenger. This week the inside challenger is Rotarian Patrick Cullinan and Rotarian Barclay Bishop and I are the outside challengers. CART Fund reminder: let’s continue helping the committee as we transition years so we can maintain our leadership in the District. 

Announcements: Jakob Fahl gave his farewell.

Paul Harris Fellow Presentations:

  •    New Paul Harris Fellows: Shell Berry, Jeff Flowers, A.K.Gulati, Faye Hargrove, Clay Jolly, Zach Kelehear, Brett Montroy, Sheri Osborn, Jeff Simless.
  •    PHF+1: Steve Foushee, Steve Hobbs, David Hudson, Chris James, Scott Kelly, Leland Malchow, Jimmy Richards, Hal Scott, Stacy Tallent, Scott Williams
  •    PHF+2: Len Collins, Betty Dyches, Chris McKinney, Connie Melear, Max Stachura, Herb Upton
  •    PHF+3: Jeannette Cummings, Jeff Futrelle, Ed Presnell, T.R.Reddy, Ray Walters
  •    PHF+4: Tom Kiernan, Tim Owings
  •    PHF+5: Neita Mulherin
  •    PHF+7: Kevin Wade


The Family Y Camp Lakeside speakers were introduced by Sue Parr. Catie McCauley, SVP of Development and Brian Abernathy with First Community Development made the presentation and distributed informative brochures. Phase I accomplishments were reviewed and the vision of Phase II was described. Phase II includes an aquatic center that can accommodate all disabilities, residence facilities that can provide the full experience, and medical facilities that can support every child away from a hospital setting. Fund raising is well on its way and Rotarians were invited to participate and/or contribute.


Next week’s program will be a presentation by Reid Smith regarding an amendment on the November Ballot regarding a proposed Georgia Business Court.

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Patrick Cullinan
Outside Challenger: Ed Presnell & Barclay Bishop



Catie McCaulie
Brian Abernathy
Terry Childers
Gwendolyn Conner
Valerie Stewart
Tim Maund

Guest Of
Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker
Patrick Cullinan
Janice Jackson
Janice Jackson
Carolyn Maund

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

Neita Mulherin 5-21-18 Augusta West Rotary Club
Travis McNeal 5-21-18 Augusta West Rotary Club
Stacie Adkins 5-14-18 On-Line Make-Up
Clay Bednarz 6-4-18 Red Badge Orientation meeting

The following will receive a makeup for attending the Red Badge Meeting held on Monday, June 4, 2018
Bill Kemp
Leland Malchow
Jennifer Pennington
Ed Presnell
Herb Upton
Kevin Wade
John Whitwell
Clay Bednarz
Mark Bowen
Surendra Gupta
Sam Meller


Forester Adams
Gary Jones
Jennifer Anderson
Brooks Keel
Bob Baisden
Russell Keen
Clay Bednarz
Tom Kiernan
Chris Bird
Brian Kyzer
Barclay Bishop
Jim Laura
Steve Boler
Mahendra Mandawat
Marilyn Bowcutt
Ben McElreath
Edward Braun
Rob McKenzie
Dave Brendza
Linda McKnight

Carl Brown
Gene McManus
David Bullington
Brad Means
Eddie Bussey
Chris Melcher
Gretchen Caughman
Erick Montgomery
Len Collins
Kurt Mueller
Brenda Durant
Sheri Osburn
Ashlee Duren
Jeff Partl
Sandy Dykes
Jonathan Powell
Susan Everitt
Angela Pringle
Steve Farmer
Jimmy Richards

Laverne Gaskins
TR Reddy
Kevin Grogan
Daniel Rhodes
Chad Harpley
Jimmy Richards
Tripp Harrison
Richard Rogers
Randy Hatcher
Jeff Simless
James Heffner
Steve Smith
David Hogg
Jeff Spears
Richard Isdell
Kevin Steffes
Gary Jones
Charles Stewart
Phil Wahl
George Williams
Margaret Woodard
Dustin Young