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Rotary Bulletin

April 23, 2018

Meeting Minutes

President Ed Presnell rang the bell to call the meeting to order. Tom Clark gave the Pledge and Invocation. Daniel Rhodes introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians.  Willie Williams introduced the Interact students. President Ed thanked Kevin Wade for hosting the GSE Friendship from India guests.  It was a wonderful two days in Augusta. At our last meeting we raised $435.00. The inside challenger was Rotarian Billy Franke and the outside challenger was HealthIT LLC, represented by Rotarian Hal Scott. This week the inside challenger is Rotarian Sonny Tucker and once again HealthIT LLC, represented by Rotarian Hal Scott is the outside challengerTo help with this committee please sign up with Bob Baisden. The sunshine report was presented by Tom Clark.


  • President Ed called on Frank Mulherin who reminded the club about the upcoming Rotary Golf Tournament on Tuesday May 1st at the River Club. We still need golfers and prizes if anyone would like to participate please let Frank know as soon as possible. 
  • There will be no meeting on Monday 4/30 because of the tournament, however, you can come sign in and get credit as a make-up.  
  • President Ed then called on Susan Everitt who reminded the club that on May 5th the local Red Cross is hosting “Sound the Alarm, Save a Life” and will be installing 700 smoke alarms in Rae’s Creek Mobile Home Park. Susan shared that Georgia has the highest number of fire-related deaths and Augusta has the third highest in the state. Volunteers are needed and should contact Susan.
  • President Ed thanked Patrick Cullinan, Andy Carrier, and Elizabeth Svoka for their hard work using the District Grant to host a special training class for state law enforcement officers. The topic was human trafficking and over 100 officers from around the state participated.
  • The Hull Fund will meet immediately following the club meeting.
  • The next Rotary information meeting for new members will be this afternoon at 4:30 at Kevin Wade’s office, IntelliSystems on Greene Street.
  • The District Conference is being held this weekend in Jekyll Island.

President Ed recognized our GRSP student, Jakob Fahl, and thanked him for a wonderful presentation last week. Jakob’s time with the club is coming to an end. Once classes are done he will embark on a cross-country tour. President Ed is hopeful that he will be able to visit the club again before heading home.


President Ed called on Shell Berry to introduce our guest speaker, James Ainslie, President and Co-Founder of Cape Augusta and Augusta Digital PropertiesMr. Ainslie provided us an update on the Sibley and King Mill properties. 

Mr. Ainslie described how his company has successfully used historic property tax credits and new market tax credits to refurbish the mills and attract new businesses. This development is modeled after projects in Baltimore, Maryland which is recognized as the preeminent district for cyber firms. 

He identified four key ingredients to a successful development which include having an attractive place, having the capability to develop skills in the area, leveraging venture capital, and packaging incentives for public-private partnerships. Augusta, specifically, the mill properties are ideally suited for a successful development.


There is no meeting next week. Our next meeting will be May 7th.

The meeting was adjourned with the Four Way Test.

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Rotary Golf Tournament
Tuesday, May 1st
River Golf Club
1:00 Tee Off


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Sonny Tucker
Outside Challenger: Hal Scott, HealthIT



James Ainslie
Tony Ateca
Christine Boener
Pam Tucker
Zoey Rogers
Rick Allen
Brinsley Thigpen
Millie Huff
Lindsey Schwartzbaugh
Sallie Shuford
Adel Ainslie
Brad Holmes

Guest Of
Guest Speaker
Phil Wahl
Stacey Adkins
Billy Franke
Richard Rogers
Jennifer Penningtonn
Jennifer Pennington
Brenda Durant
Brenda Durant
Brenda Durant
Neil Dickert
Connie Melear

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

The following will receive a make up for attending the Red Badge Orientation meeting held on Monday, May 23.

Matt Barrett
Tripp Harrison
Hawthorne Welcher
Shell Berry
Leland Malchow
Ed Presnell
Herb Upton
Kevin Wade

Kevin Wade 4-9-18 Downtown Macon Rotary Club
Dustin Young 4-23-18 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting 4-17-18
Tripp Harrison 4-23-18 Red Badge Orientation
Patrick Cullianan 4-23-18 Human Trafficking Expo- Training
Andy Carrier 4-09-18 Human Trafficking Expo- Training


Jennifer Anderson
Judy Kaye
Barclay Bishop
Brooks Keel
Steven Boler
Russell Keen
Marilyn Bowcutt
Zach Kelehear
Mark Bowen
Brian Kyzer
Carl Brown
Rick Lowe
David Bullington
Mahendra Mandawat
Eddie Bussey
Ben McElreath
Greg Capers
Rob McKenzie
Gretchen Caughman

Linda McKnight
Tom Clark
Gene McManus
Patrick Cullinan
Travis McNeal
Jeanette Cumings
Brad Means
Rick Donaldson
Sam Meller
Ashley Duren
Ian Mercier
Sandy Dykes
Kurtis Mueller
David Fields
Betts Murdison
Fran Forehand
Robert Osborne
Rick Franza
Jeff Partl

Mark Gilliam
Leigh Porterfield
Laverne Gold
Jonathan Powell
Surendra Gupta
Angela Pringle
Faye Hargrove
Deborah Sleeth
Chad Harpley
Steve Smith
Tripp Harrison
Linda Tucceiarone
Randy Hatcher
Shanda Vaughn
Richard Isdell
Margaret Woodard
Janice Jackson
Dustin Young
Gary Jones