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Rotary Bulletin

February 26, 2018

Meeting Minutes

President Ed Presnell rang the bell to call the meeting to order. Erick Montgomery gave the Pledge and Invocation. Anne Katherine Murray introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. At our last meeting, we raised $246.74. The inside challenger was Rotarian Ray Walters. This week the inside challenger is Rotarian Tim Owings and the Morgan Stanley Foundation is the outside challengerTo help with this committee please sign up with Rotarian Bob Baisden. The sunshine report was presented by Tom Clark.

During the meeting, President Ed called a meeting of the full Board of Directors to order. Having established a quorum of the Board members standing, he accepted a motion from Scott Williams with a second from Chris Mckinney to accept the 2018-2019 Board and officer slate.  The motion was approved unanimously and the meeting was then adjourned.  

Returning to the regular meeting, a motion was made by Judy Kaye with a second by Anna Reeves to approve the slate of officers presented.  The motion was approved unanimously by the Club.

President Ed called on Judy Kaye to introduce our newest member, Scott Seidl, who is the Executive and Artistic Director of the Augusta Players. 


  • Look for more information to come from the club announcing a new Paul Harris Foundation incentive from DG Hamsa Thota.
  • President Ed announced the district grant project is in the works that will involve a training session for law enforcement. 
  • Our GRSP student Jakob Fahl presented President Ed with flags from both of his home clubs. 

President Ed called on LaVerne Gold to present our Rotary Speech Contest winners. Daniel Ryan (3rd place), Cara Chiswell (2nd place) and Erica Swierski (1st place) all presented their speeches. At the conclusion, LaVerne presented each of them with their prize.  Ms. Swierski and Ms. Chiswell will go on to compete in the Zone competition. 

Our next meeting will be March 5th and the speaker will be Hawthorne Welcher, the Director of the City of Augusta Housing and Community Development Authority.

The meeting was adjourned with the Four Way Test.

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Tim Owings
Outside Challenger: Morgan Stanley



Marah Johnson
Mark Bowen
Tripp Harrison
Hawthorne Welcher

Guest Of
Leigh Porterfield
Chris James
Ed Presnell
Phil Wahl

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians

Audley Knight
Renee Segree

Rotary Club of Jamaica
Rotary Club of Jamaica

Meeting Makeup

John Whitwell 2-26-18 Red Badge Orientation
Rob Dennis 2-12-18 Rotary Club of Aiken
Darryl Leech 2-26-18 On-Line Make up


Stacie Adkins
Brooks Keel
Shell Berry
Russell Keen
Chris Bird
Scott Kelly
Barclay Bishop
Brian Kyzer
Steve Boler
Darryl Leech
Dave Brendza
Leland Malchow
Carl Brown
Ben McElreath
Greg Capers
Rob McKenzie
Andy Carrier

Linda McKnight
Gretchen Caughman
Kurtis Mueller
Patrick Cullinan
Robert Osborne
Neal Dickert
Sheri Osburn
Ashlee Dickert
Jeff Partl
Sandy Dykes
Jonathan Powell
Bob Evans
Jim Price
Susan Everitt
Angela Pringle
David Fields
Daniel Rhodes

Fran Forehand
Jimmy Richards
Rick Franza
Stan Shepherd
Mark Gilliam
Deborah Sleeth
Faye Hargrove
Steve Smith
Richard Harmon
Steven Wade
Chad Harpley
Barry White
Randy Hatcher
John Whitwell
Will Hatcher
Margaret Woodard
Richard Isdell