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Rotary Bulletin

January 22, 2018

Meeting Minutes

President Ed Presnell called the meeting to order. George Hall led the club in the pledge and invocation. John Whitwell introduced our visiting guests and Rotarians. CART raised $301.53 last meeting with inside challenger Bob Baisden and the outside challenger was W.R. Toole Engineers.  This week the inside challenger is Judge Carl Brown. Barclay Bishop provided the Sunshine Report. President Ed presented the 2018-2019 slate of Officers and Board members. A motion was made and seconded to accept the slate as presented. Motion carried unanimously.


  • Pam Lightsey invited club members to join her at the annual spaghetti supper sponsored by the South Augusta Rotary on March 1, 2018.  Flyers are on the tables if anyone is interested.
  • Shanda Vaughn announced the Valentines Social will take place 2/9/18 from 6:30-8:30 at the Wallace House at the Augusta Country Club. Invitations will be sent soon.
  • New member orientation will take place today at 4:30 at Intellisystems.
  • Our GRSP student Jakob Fahl will be at next week’s meeting if anyone has any activities scheduled please include Jakob.
  • The Hull Fund Committee is meeting immediately following today’s club meeting.

President Ed recognized and congratulated the following individuals:

  • Dr. Angela Pringle for receiving the Lee Beard Award during the MLK Celebration
  • Pat Cullinan for being named an Honorary State Trooper December 29th
  • Dr. Gretchen Caughman for the recent partnership between Augusta University and Fort Gordon

President Ed called on Dr. Paul Dainer who introduced our newest member, Linda McKnight, who is the CEO of the SE Firefighters Burn Foundation. 


Shell Berry introduced our speaker, Dr. Jennifer Jones who is the Executive Director of the Augusta Therapy Academy. 

The ATA was founded by Dr. Jones in 2006 as a non-profit foundation with a mission of provided therapy services to children who either do not have insurance coverage or have exceeded their maximum allowable visits.  Since opening, the Foundation has provided over 400 kids with over 5300 therapy services saving families more than $400,000. The foundation receives funding from local grants, donations, and fundraising. 

The Academy’s newest initiative involves opening a school for kids with special needs that will integrate children up to 6 years old with traditional students so that they can easily transition into regular school. This program is not a new idea but has been successfully implemented for the last 30 years in Gainesville, Georgia. 

Dr. Jones believes early intervention is critical to the long-term success of these kids and the school will help meet this need. In addition, the Academy would like to begin training parents, teachers and others how to navigate the educational and medical “systems” so that they have what they need for the child. Her hope is to bring together parents, teachers, and therapists so that they can collectively learn to do what is best for the child.

In closing, Dr. Jones asked for our prayers, our donations, and our connections so that doors can be opened and resources donated to make this school a reality. 

Our next meeting will be January 29th and our speaker will be James Ainsley, President/Co-Founder, Cape Augusta/Augusta Cyberworks and his program will be the Sibley and King Mills development update.

We adjourned with the four-way test.

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Shell Berry 1-22-18 Red Badge Orientation
Scott Williams 1-22-18 Red Badge Orientation
Harold Scott 1-22-18 On-Line Make Up
Ray Walters 1-8-18 On-Line Make Up

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