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Rotary Bulletin

December 11, 2017

Meeting Minutes

President Ed Presnell called the meeting to order. Jim Price led the club in the pledge and invocation. John Sebby introduced our visiting guests and Rotarians.  President Ed also thanked John for bringing the Salvation Army Band to entertain us during lunch. The Kettle is here today and will be back next week.  Everyone is encouraged to drop a donation in. CART raised $388.42 last week with inside challenger Judge Carl Brown. This week the inside challenger is Paul Wade and Bob Evans from Richmond Supply is the outside challenger. Richard Rogers provided the Sunshine Report. Billy Franke provided a Football Follies update. Brett Montroy was the winner last week and had a perfect 10-0 record. Leland Malchow continues to be the overall leader with several others close behind. Billy thanked the sponsors who have provided weekly prizes and announced he was still looking for someone to donate a grand prize.

Tim Owings discussed the Rotary Citation Worksheet that was placed on the tables. All members are asked to beginning filling out the worksheet so that we can document all of the valuable contributions we make in our community. 


  • Jakob Fahl, our GRSP student, will be in town for the holidays. Please coordinate with Tom Denlinger if you would like to include Jakob in your holiday plans.
  • The Family of Rotary Committee extended an invitation to all members to bring their children and grandchildren to our meeting next week for our annual celebration with Santa. The Warren Road School Chorus will be performing.
  • Time permitting next week, Jakob will give his presentation on his family and country.

Dr. Angela Pringle introduced our speaker for the day – Michael Shaffer, EVP at Augusta University. Mr. Shaffer provided an overview of the new Hull McKnight Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center.

Mr. Shaffer provided an update on the new center which now includes a second building being provided by the state.  He discussed how special this opportunity is that it includes federal, state, and local financial support. The federal government has pledged nearly $2 billion to invest in cyber programs in the area and the state of Georgia has committed nearly $100 million for design and construction fees. The city also stepped up by providing over $12 million for a much-needed parking deck.

The center will house Augusta University faculty, students, and staff, as well as, business partners and contractors who want to relocate to Augusta to be a part of the cyber explosion. 

The training center will be utilized by every state department and agency so they can complete their required annual cyber training. The current schedule is for them to break ground on the second building 1/3/18, have the grand opening of the first building 7/10/18, and then open the 2nd building before year end 2018. 

Our next meeting will be on December 18th and we will have our annual Holiday Celebration.  

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Paul Wade
Outside Challenger: Bob Evans, Richmond Supply Company



Michael Shaffer
Tabatha McDaniel
Gary Jones
Dexter Peggins

Guest Of
Guest Speaker
Deborah Sleeth
Patrick Cullinan
Anna Reeves

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

Gene McManus 12-11-17 Red Badge Orientation
Dora Hogg 12-4-17 Rotary Board of Dir. Mtg
Dustin Young 12-4-17 Rotary Board of Dir. Mtg

The following will receive a makeup for attending the Rotary Board of Directors meeting held on December 12, at Cranston Engineering.
Ed Presnell
Kevin Grogan
Faye Hargrove
Leland Malchow
Dora Hogg
Dustin Young
Jennifer Pennington
Scott Williams


Forester Adams
Brooks Keel
Michael Ash
Russell Keen
Shell Berry
Brian Kyzer
Chris Bird
Mahendra Mandawat
Barclay Bishop
Ben McElreath
Steven Boler
Rob McKenzie
Conley Braun
Gene McManus
Carl Brown
Travis McNeal
David Bullington
Brad Means

Eddie Bussey
Chris Melcher
Andy Carrier
Connie Melear
Jeanette Cummins
Erick Montgomery
Paul Dainer
Anne Catherine Murray
Thomas Denlinger
Sheri Osburn
Ashlee Duren
Jeff Partl
Jeff Futrelle
Jennifer Pennington
Bobby Gagnon
Leigh Porterfield
Mark Gilliam
Jonathan Powell

A K Gulati
TR Reddy
Gould Hagler
Daniel Rhodes
Aimee Hall
Harold Scott
Chad Harpley
Jeff Simless
James Heffner
Jeff Spears
Rick Herring
Charles Stewart
Steve Hobbs
Steven Wade
Judy Kaye
Butch Whiddon
Margaret Woodard