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December 3, 2017

Meeting Minutes

President Ed (gushing with Clemson Tiger euphoria) rang the meeting to order and called on Dr./CSM Tom Clark to lead the invocation and pledge. 

During lunch, member Paul Dainer, accompanied by Sok Hwee Tay, music therapist at Georgia Cancer Center, entertained with beautiful viola/keyboard music. 

John Sebby introduced our visiting guests. The always popular Brad Means, introduced to polite applause, brought the Sunshine Report. 

President Ed reported that $408.12 was raised for CART last week with inside challenger Chris Etterlee and outside challenger Fuller Frost & Associates. This week’s CART challenger is Judge Carl Brown. 

Jeff Flowers introduced our newest Rotary member - Jennifer Anderson. Jennifer is the Director of Respiratory Care at Augusta University Hospital, supervising a staff of over 100. She is a welcomed addition to our Club. 

In the way of announcements, a Salvation Army Band will be entertaining next week, and Salvation Army kettles will receive donations at the meetings on December 11 and December 18. Also, December 18 is the Family Holiday celebration with Santa. Members are urged to bring their children and grandchildren. The Warren Road School chorus will be performing. 

Members are urged to keep our Georgia Rotary student Jacob in mind for events to share with him during the holiday season. 

Susan Everett introduced our program speaker, Dr. Arnand Jillella, distinguished University professor and Chair of Oncology at the Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University. Dr. Jillella obtained his first medical degree at Medical School in India. He then trained at Yale University, MCG, and Johns Hopkins. 

Dr. Jillella described the ever-expanding scope of the Georgia Cancer Center where 23% of the patients now come from outside the CSRA. The Cancer Center brings together all specialties needed for a patient’s treatment. It is also carrying out a clinical research mission and particularly bone marrow transplants for pediatric patients which is a field of study and research led by Dr. Jallella. 

Dr. Jillella also explained groundbreaking work being done by the Cancer Center in the treatment of an acute form of leukemia known as APL. Remarkably, patients who are diagnosed and treated within the first month are achieving cure rates as high as 97%. Those who are not treated in the first month suffer a 30% or greater mortality rate. The Cancer Center at MCG developed a protocol for treating these patients and began distributing it in Georgia and South Carolina in 2010. This particular cancer is so rare that most physicians are not aware of the steps that need to be taken, and this protocol provides immediate guidance. Georgia Cancer Center has received a grant from the National Cancer Institute to conduct expanded trials in order to make this protocol available nationwide. 

The Augusta area is most fortunate to have skilled clinicians and scientists like Dr. Jillella working among us. 

On December 11, the program speaker will be Micheal Shaffer, Executive VP at AU, and his topic will be “Georgia Cyber Center Innovation and Training Overview.” 

The meeting was adjourned with reciting the Four-Way Test.

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