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November 27, 2017

Meeting Minutes

President Ed Presnell rang the bell and called the meeting to order. George Hall led the club in the pledge and invocation. Patrick Cullinan introduced our guest and visiting Rotarians. Thanks to our inside challenger Robert Osborne, and our outside challenger South State Bank we raised $265.47 for CART at our last meeting.  This week the inside challenger is Chris Etterlee and the outside challenger is Fuller and Frost Associates. Tom Clark gave our Sunshine Report and shared Black Friday facts.

Black Friday, the largest shopping day of the year is the busiest day of the year for plumbers. Twelve percent of Black Friday shoppers are drunk. Black Friday shopping has spread to other countries around the world. Cyber Monday shopping has increased over 100 million US dollars per year since 2005.

Jeff Simless provided a week twelve and thirteen Football Follies update. Steve Foushee was week twelve winner and Jeff Simless was week Thirteen winner both selecting 90 % of winning teams. Clay Jolly and Leland Malchow are leading for the year with 68% of winning teams picked.

Jeff presented Steve with a pair of tickets to Dirty Dancing at the Bell, courtesy of Augusta Magazine, Ashlee Duren.


  • Rotary orientation for new members will be next Monday, December 4, at 4:30 at ADG Kevin Wades office, Intellisystems, 1115 Green Street.
  • Jacob Fahl will be in town during the Holidays. Please contact Tom Denlinger if you can help his Christmas to be memorable.

President Ed called on Rotarian Rick Feanza to introduce our speaker for the day Randolph G. Russell, author of American History in No Time and his program on American History and Civics Literacy.

Randolph shared that the Founders of America believed our country will remain free as long as we understand our history.  He shared survey results that show our lack of knowledge of American history is widespread and our connection to our heritage is fading.  History can and should influence our decisions as we go to the polls and it is essential that we understand the importance of the stories. Understanding our history will help us to better understand where we came from and preserve a free country for our Children. The Basics Everyone Should Know. The perfect Refresher. American History in No Time.com, RRussell31@CFL.RR.com.

President Ed presented Randolph G. Russell with a book to be placed in the library in his honor.

President Ed Reminders: Our next meeting will be on December 4. Our speaker will be Dr. Arnand Jillella and his program will be Georgia Cancer Centers New Initiatives.    

President Ed led us in reciting the four-way test and then adjourned the meeting.  

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