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September 25, 2017

Meeting Minutes

President Ed (Trooper Ed) Presnell called the meeting to order. Jeff Spears led in the pledge and invocation. A.K. Gulati introduced five local guests. At our last meeting, $195.22 was raised for CART with challenger Barclay Bishop and outside challenger Fat Man’s Café. The challenger this week is Clay Jolly and outside challenger is Billy Franke. 

Tom Clark brought the Sunshine Report. He included shout-outs for Rotarian assistance with preparing cots to be shipped to evacuees, to Phil Wahl for the cleanup campaign of the riverfront this past week, and to the local Marriott for donating 30,000 pounds of clothing for hurricane victims. Also, he reminded the Club of Neita Mulherin and Jack Widener being honored in this past Sunday’s newspaper for their many years of community service.

Patrick Cullinan introduced new member Andy Carrier.  Andy has been a Trooper with the Georgia State Patrol since 1991. In addition to numerous law enforcement training courses, he holds a bachelor’s and two masters’ degrees and serves in the rank of Lieutenant. As a special treat, Andy found in his materials an award made to President Ed Presnell in November 1994 but was never delivered. It was a recognition of President Ed as an honorary State Trooper and it was delivered at the meeting. 

Special recognitions were made of Eric Montgomery, Charles Stewart, Butch Whiddon, Phil Wahl, and Kevin Wade for Paul Harris Plus pins.  Former President and Assistant District Governor Kevin Wade’s pin was a Plus Six!

Barclay Bishop made an announcement that the organization she formed, Barclay’s Believers, is raising funds to purchase cooling vests for members of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Department. 370 more vests are needed and tax-deductible contributions can be made at the Barclay’s Believers web site. 

Jeff Simless brought the fourth weekly football contest report. The winner this week after multiple tiebreaks was Patrick Cullinan. If you are not receiving your contest, contact Jeff at jsimless@comcast.net

Our program was introduced by Kevin Wade. Hamsa Thota, Ph.D. (UGA) is our current District Governor. Hamsa resides in St. Simons and is a past president and a 40-year member of the Rotary Club of St. Simons. 

In telling of his Rotary experience, Hamsa related that he was ready to move from Brunswick/St. Simons after only one year there until the CEO of his company asked Hamsa to take the CEO’s classification in the local Rotary Club. That started a 40-year commitment to Rotary that grows even stronger today. As a part of Hamsa’s Rotary service, he and his colleagues have started three additional Rotary Clubs in the surrounding areas. Hamsa is passionate and committed to the ideals of Rotary and especially Service Above Self. He made that his challenge to our Club.

In honor of Hamsa’s visit, the Club donated $1,600 to the Rotary Foundation for the elimination of polio, a gift that will be matched two times over by the Gates Foundation. 

The meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the Four-Way Test.  

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