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Rotary Bulletin

July 24, 2017

Meeting Minutes

President Elect Leland Malchow rang the bell and brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM, Monday, 24 July 2017. Jim Price led the club in the pledge and invocation. Daniel Rhodes introduced visiting Rotarians and member guests. President Elect Leland announced that last week we raised $272.04 for Cart thanks to outside challenger W.R. Toole Engineers and inside challenger Bob Baisden Jr. This week the inside challenger is Charles Stewart. Barclay Bishop gave the Sunshine report.


  • President Elect Leland called on Haskell Toporek to give an update on the Hull Fund.  Haskell reported that two members of the committee, Richard Rogers and Larry Broyles, are coming off due to their terms expiring.  He thanked both for their service to the committee and reported that Aimee Hall and Stacy Tallent will be replacing them.
  • President Elect Leland reminding the club that August 17 is Rotary Night at the Greenjackets game. Sign-up sheets and final details will be available next week.
  • District Assembly taking place in Dublin, Georgia on 7/29/17 and if you are interested in attending you need to email President Ed Presnell.
  • President Elect Leland announced that Jim Laura, Chair of the PR Committee, has called a meeting immediately following our club meeting.


President Elect Leland called on Dr. Paul Dainer to introduce our speaker, Dr. Gary J. Senn, who discussed “The Great American Eclipse”.  Dr. Senn is with the Ruth Patrick Education Center at USC Aiken. He provided us an overview of what to expect with the upcoming eclipse which will occur on August 21st. He encouraged everyone to check the school’s website for updates on the best time and locations to view the eclipse. 

Dr. Senn explained the differences between a solar and lunar eclipse and cautioned everyone to be very careful not to look directly into the sun during the eclipse. The sun can damage the eyes and regular sunglasses will not protect you. As a small fundraiser for the education center he brought special glasses for the club which were available for $2 each. 

Dr. Senn stressed that in order to see the corona that forms during the eclipse that you must be in a location that allows for the sun to be blocked in totality. Anything less than 100% coverage will cause the corona to not be visible. 

Our program next week will be an update on Fort Gordon and The CSRA Alliance. 

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four Way Test.      

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Save the Date:

Thursday, August 17th. Rotary Family Night at the Green Jackets game. More details coming!


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Charles Stewart
Outside Challenger: Charles Stewart



Gary Senn
Will Hatcher
Stephen Wade

Guest Of
Guest Speaker - The Great American Total Solar Eclipse
Chris McKinney
Ashlee Duren

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

John Whitwell 7-10-17 On Line Make Up
Steve Farmer 7-17-17 On Line Make Up
Jeanette Cummings 7-17-17 On Line Make up
Ed Presnell 7-17-17 Rotary July Board of Dir. Meeting
Dustin Young 7-17-17 Rotary July Board of Dir. Meeting


Forester Adams
Russell Keen
Stacie Adkins
Mahendra Mandawat
Steven Boler
Rob McKenzie
Marilyn Bowcutt
Erick Montgomery
David Bullington
Frank Mulherin
Tom Clark
Anne Catherine Murray
Patrick Cullinan
Robert Osborne
Rob Dennis
Sue Parr
Neal Dickert

Jeff Partl
Judy Downie
Leigh Porterfield
Bob Evans
Jonathan Powell
Rick Franza
Ed Presnell
Bobby Gagnon
Angela Pringle
Mark Gilliam
immy Richards
Kevin Grogan
Jerry Rogers
Gould Hagler
John Sebby
Aimee Hall
Stan Shepherd

George Hall
Deborah Sleeth
Richard Harmon
Steve Smith
Chad Harpley
Linda Tucciarone
Randy Hatcher
Sonny Tucker
Rick Herring
Herb Upton
Steve Hobbs
Shanda Vaughn
David Hogg
Barry White
Brooks Keel
Andrew Williams
Dustin Young