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Rotary Bulletin

July 17, 2017

Meeting Minutes

President Ed Presnell rang the bell and brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM, Monday, 17 July 2017. Jeff Flowers led the club in the pledge and invocation. Daniel Rhodes introduced visiting Rotarians and member guests. President Ed announced that last week during our Club Assembly we raised $108.88 for Cart thanks to outside challenger Clifton Construction and inside challenger Scott Williams. This week the inside challenger is Bob Baisden, Jr. and W.R. Toole Engineers is the outside challenger. Gould Hagler gave the Sunshine report.


  • President Ed congratulated Sue Parr for being elected VP of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and Tom Denlinger for his promotion to VP of the Augusta GreenJackets.
  • He shared greetings from both Hammy Kuhlke and Dee Bruker who are recovering from illnesses and look forward to returning to the club.
  • President Ed offered condolences for Lee Smith on the recent passing of his wife, Lyn.
  • He reminded the club of the upcoming District Assembly taking place in Dublin, Georgia on 7/29/17 and the club baseball outing at the GreenJackets stadium on 8/17/17.
  • Finally, President Ed introduced the new club officers and board members for the 2017-2018 Rotary year and thanked Past President Jennifer Pennington for her tremendous leadership this past year.


President Ed called on Tim Owings to introduce our guest speaker, Dr. Karen Heid, wife of club member Zach Kelehear. Dr. Heid spoke about a book she illustrated titled, “Katie’s Cabbage”. The story was based on Katie Stagliano, who at the age of 12 grew a 40 pound cabbage in her home garden and donated it to a local food bank which helped feed 275 people. Katie was so inspired by this experience that she started a nonprofit organization to help communities start gardens to feed those in need. 

Dr. Heid used her illustrations in the book to develop her program “Food for Thought: What a Garden Can Teach”. She discussed ways in which gardens can help teach lessons in eight different disciplines; art, math, science, social studies, communities, language arts, music/dance, and theater. 

Our program next week will be Dr. Gary J. Senn who will talk about “The Great American Eclipse”.

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four Way Test.

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Save the Date:

Thursday, August 17th. Rotary Family Night at the Green Jackets game. More details coming!


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Bob Baisden
Outside Challenger: W. R. Toole Engineers



Karen Kelehear Heid
Wes Kistling
Kurt Mueller
Andrew Lloyd
Troy Jordan
Bryce Melear

Guest Of
Guest Speaker
Chris McKinney
Anna Reeves
Susan Everitt
TR Reddy
Connie Melear

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

Stacie Adkins 7-10-17 On Line Make Up
David Bullington 7-10-17 On Line Make Up
Kevin Grogan 7-17-17 Rotary July Board of Dir. Meeting
Dora Hogg 7-17-17 Rotary July Board of Dir. Meeting
Faye Hargrove 7-17-17 Rotary July Board of Dir. Meeting
Scott Williams 7-17-17 Rotary July Board of Dir. Meeting

The following will receive a make up for attending the Rotary Board of Directors meeting held on July 13, at Cranston Engineering.
Ed Presnell
Kevin Grogan
Leland Malchow
Dustin Young
Dora Hogg
Faye Hargrove
Scott Williams


Forester Adams
Richard Isdell
Michael Ash
Clay Jolly
Dee Beaird
Scott Kelly
Shell Berry
Brian Kyzer
Barclay Bishop
Carolyn Maund
Steve Boler
Ben McElreath
Conley Braun
Rob McKenzie
Dave Brendza
Travis McNeal
Carl Brown
Brad Means

Eddie Bussey
Ian Mercier
Gretcen Caughman
Sheri Osburn
Jeanette Cummings
Jeff Partl
Thomas Denlinger
Jonathan Powell
Steve Farmer
Angela Pringle
David Fields
Jimmy Richards
Fran Forehand
John Sebby
Bobby Gagnon
John Snider
Laverne Gaskins
Max Stachura

Kevin Grogan
Kevin Steffes
Aimee Hall
Linda Tucciarone
Rick Hall
Paul Wade
Faye Hargrove
Butch Whiddon
Chad Harpley
Barry White
Randy Hatcher
John Whitwell
James Heffner
George Williams
Rick Herring
Scott Williams
Dora Hogg
Margaret Woodard