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Rotary Bulletin

June 19, 2017

Meeting Minutes


President Jennifer Pennington rang the bell and brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM, Monday, 19 June 2017. Barry White led the club in the pledge and invocation. 

President Jennifer 

provided the Rotary Moment this week by sharing her experience at the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta. While there she meet, Stalong, the president elect from Port Harcourt in Nigeria and began sharing stories about our clubs. So far away from us and yet so close …. Stalong is exciting to be leading his club next year and is 38 years old. He tells me he is one of the youngest presidents his club has ever had. He is the father of three children, ages 5, 3 and 1. He is the CEO of engineering and construction company. He is excited about his work with Rotary!

So far away from us and indeed not so close. In villages nearby, people are trying to survive without clean water or clean meat. He told me their club is trying to partner with another club on a global grant. He tells me that people have to walk long distances to collect water. Stalong tells me that everywhere you look, the water is contaminated with trash. Animals that drink from that water are unsafe to eat. His club wants to work on bringing water pumps and clean water to neighboring villages. 

Rotary brings us together so we can accomplish more. At the International convention, this was just one of many conversations being held about how we can improve society and build good will among countries. Our own Ed Presnell, Leland Malchow and TR Reddy met with a club from India to discuss a global grant for eye glasses and how the Augusta Rotary Club can help.

And that is my Rotary Moment — one of many.

Patrick Cullinan introduced visiting Rotarians and member guests. President Jennifer reported that at our last meeting, we raised $265.44 with the support of inside challenger Dora Hogg. This week the inside challenger is Sheri Osburn. Gould Hagler gave the Sunshine report.


  • President Jennifer congratulated Connie Melear on being named the Columbia County Woman of the Year.  She also announced the Hull Fund Committee would be meeting immediately following this meeting.
  • Dee Beaird reported than the club has a work day on June 24th at the Imperial Theater to finish the Green Room. All club members are invited to help.
  • President Jennifer recognized our newest member, Rick Franza, Dean of the Augusta University Hull College of Business, who was presented by Chris McKinney.

Program: President Jennifer provided the following Year in Review and Recognitions

What a year this has been! It’s time to take a look back and see all that we’ve accomplished.

This year, Georgia was in the world’s eye as we hosted the Rotary International Conference in Atlanta. Over 165 countries sent Rotarians to Atlanta. Our own club sent 8 Rotarians. Bill Gates spoke about his commitment to eradicating polio with a 450 million dollar pledge over the next three years. We learned that Jack Nicklaus was a polio survivor and now serves as a polio ambassador for Rotary. New friends made. Ideas were shared. The event was an experience like no other.

Augusta hosted the GRSP Conclave. Over 50 students from other countries started their Rotary year with the GRSP program right here. 15 of our club members graciously hosted 36 students. Our family had two students from Scotland. At Conclave, the GRSP students learned about their upcoming year and started friendships that would last a lifetime. We were privileged to see a showcase of their talents and countries during their Conclave finale, the Cabaret. 

Talent runs deep within our club Rotarians. Our own, Bill Kemp, past president and past district governor, founder of Rotaract and Chair of our Red Badge new member program, was awarded with the prestigious Service Above Self International Rotary award.

I’d like to thank Assistant District Governor, Kevin who brought me on to the Rotary board. I appreciate Kevin’s guidance and support. Also, this year, Kevin served as our representative on the GSE Team to Germany. Thank you for your many contributions to our district. 

So this year, We started a few new things …. Football Follies and our Member Moments. Thank you to Jeff Simless, Dee Bruker and Ashlee Duren for bringing us 13 weeks of entertainment and prizes during our Football Follies College Pick game each week. This year’s winner was Clayton Jolly! We were also entertained and learned a little more about our members with our Member Moments presentations headed up by Scott Kelley, the highlight of which was Lowell treating us to Ave Maria on his violin and Connie being pegged with a puck by John Whitwell. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. 

Thank you to Tim Owings for chairing the programs committee this year. It is a huge responsibility to be sure that is covered. We had outstanding programs this year and I thank you and the committee for keeping us entertained and well-informed. 

I have a lot of people to thank. Our members are what makes this club outstanding and I know that each and every one of you gave to the club in some way and I really appreciate you. There are a few people that I would like to point out.

Thank you to Sonny Tucker and Chris Etterlee for chairing the CART Committee. This year, we again had the highest club giving in the district, which over the past ten years has resulted in almost $100,000 of CART giving from the Augusta Rotary Club. Thank you to everyone that contributed. 

Thanks to the Website Committee and Bulletin Committee who somehow followed along and got it all written up and posted on the internet and sent to our emails each week. Thank you to Stacy Tallent and Thank you to Jeff Partl.

THANK You Sue Parr for chairing Membership Committee and David Fields for chairing Classification/Approval this year. Because of your hard work, we’ve brought in 16 new members this year. To all of you new members, we are so happy that you are a part of our club. Thank you to all of you that proposed new members and continue to help our club grow and be one of the best clubs around.

OTHER THANK YOUS (don’t want to miss anyone)

Thank you to Faye Hargrove for chairing the sunshine committee… We welcomed Faye, Gould and Barclay to our already great Sunshine team with Richard and Brad. 

Our Service Project for this year was The Refresh of the Green Room at the Imperial Theatre. I’d like to thank Dee Beaird and Bryan Kyzer for the efforts on this project. They took a $2,000 gift and turned it into something much greater through donations of materials and volunteer hours. Paint was donated by Sheri Osborne and furniture will be donated by Augusta ENT in July. Through Dee’s contacts with Shaw, area rugs were purchased to cover the space. The walls were painted by Rotarians and this coming Saturday, Rotarians will finish it up by laying the carpets and hanging mirrors. The feedback has been incredible from the Imperial’s board of directors and the groups that are using the space. We have a lot be proud of! 

I’d like to thank Erin Armstrong for putting together our club scrapbook. For years to come, future Rotarians will be able to look back on this great year we just had. Thank you, Erin. 

Thank you to the members who helped with Family of Rotary Committee, especially to Tom Delinger, Susan Jernigan, Connie Melear, Shanda Vaughn. Events this year included, the GreenJackets baseball game, the Rotary XMAS meeting where Rotarian’s Children led the meeting, and finally the Valentines Social was just as lovely as it has been in the past. Thank you, Frank Mulherin for organizing another great golf tournament for our members. 

Thank you to the past presidents and previous club leadership for your support, advice, and kind words.

Thank you to the Hull Fund trustees and chairman Haskell Toporek for your support of our club initiatives. Through the Hull Fund, almost $40,000 was awarded to those in need in our community. 

Thanks to District Governor Pam Lightsey who is a tireless energizer bunny, always celebrating and cheering us on. 

Thank you to Peggie Whitehurst. Most of you see her at the check in each week, but what you don’t realize is how much she does behind the scenes to make sure this club runs smoothly. She is an amazing person and we very lucky to be able to lean on her for her guidance and support. 

Thank you to Susan Jernigan and Aimee Hall for hosting our GRSP student, Sophie Pederson, this year. Thank you to the GRSP committee members who took turns picking up Sophie and driving her to our club meetings.

Thanks to Dora Hogg for heading up the book drive for the Richmond County Schools Literacy program. 

Thank you to Brad Usry and the staff here who did a great job.

Thanks to Jim Price and John Sebby who kept the Greeters and Prayers going. Jim and John were always ready to step in when needed and had two of the smoothest running committees out there!

Thanks to Laverne Gold and your Speech Committee for another great year of speeches from our young people.

Thanks to Billy Franke for your work with Rotaract. This year, we were honored to sponsor a NEW Rotaract Club at Augusta Technical College. 

Thank you to the rest of our Rotary Leadership who led committees this year: Paul Wade, Willie Williams, Ian Mercier, TR Reddy, Stan Shepherd, Bob Baisden, and Connie Melear. 

Finally, Thank you to the board who showed up faithfully each month for meetings and were incredibly supportive. I couldn’t have done it without you.

  • Past President Billy Franke
  • President Elect Ed Presnell
  • President Nominee Leland Malchow
  • Treasurer Dustin Young
  • Secretary Scott Williams
  • Dee Beaird
  • Steve Farmer
  • Kevin Grogan
  • Susan Jernigan
  • Chris McKinney

Thank you for your service to our club.

The next meeting is on June 26th, where we will recognize Perfect Attendance, the Kemp-Puryear Distinguished Rotarian of the Year, and finally, the Passing of the Gavel Ceremony.

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four Way Test.

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Meeting Makeup

The following will receive a make up for attending the Rotary International Conference in Atlanta, June 12, 2017.
Jennifer Pennington
Ed Presnell
Dustin Young
Paul Dainer
TR Reddy
Anna Reeves
Jerry Rogers

The following will receive a make up for attending the Rotary Board of Directors Meeting held on Thursday, June 15 at Cranston Engineering.
Jennifer Pennington
Dustin Young
Ed Presnell
Scott Williams
Leland Malchow
Kevin Grogan
Steve Farmer

Billy Franke 6-19-17 On Line Make Up
Steve Boler 6-5-17 On Line Make up
Tom Denlinger 6-19-17 Guest Speaker, Martinez Evans Rotary Club
TR Reddy 6-19-17 Rotary International Convention
Dustin Young 6-5-17 Rotary Board of Dir. Meeting
Leland Malchow 6-19-17 Rotary Board of Dir. Meeting
Scott Williams 6-19-17 Rotary Board of Dir. Meeting
Steve Farmer 6-5-17 Rotary Board of Dir. Meeting


Chris Bird
Russell Keen
Barclay Bishop
Bill Kemp
Conley Braun
Brian Kyzer
Carl Brown
Jim Laura
Greg Capers
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Gretchen Caughman
Carolyn Maund
Tom Clark
Ben McElreath
Jeanette Cummings
Rob McKenzie
Tom Denlinger
Brad Means

Rob Dennis
Frank Mulherin
Judy Downie
Betts Murdison
Ashlee Duren
Sue Parr
Sandy Dykes
Jeff Partl
Chris Etterlee
Jonathan Powell
Bob Evans
TR Reddy
Susan Everitt
Daniel Rhodes
David Fields
Stan Shepherd
Steve Foushee
Jeff Simless

Billy Franke
Deborah Sleeth
Bobby Gagnon
Steve Smith
Laverne Gold
John Snider
Aimee Hall
Stan Stanton
Chad Harpley
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