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Rotary Bulletin

March 20, 2017

Meeting Minutes

President Jennifer Pennington rang the bell at 12:15 p.m., calling the Monday March 20, 2017 meeting to Order.

Pledge and Invocation: given by Erick Montgomery

Rotary Moment: President Jennifer described the Liberty Bell fundraising project coordinated by the Liberty Texas Rotary Club.  The club sells 300 pound cement liberty bells for $300 each with proceeds split between the town’s bell tower restoration project and Polio Plus.  So far the club has been able to donate $6,000 to each cause.

Guests/Visiting Rotarians: were introduced by Clayton Jolly

Interact Guests: Butch Whiddon, with the help of Ms. McKnight, introduced our interact guests.

CART: President Jennifer announced that at the Club’s last meeting, $391.21 was raised for CART with the help of Inside Challenger Jeanette Cummings and Outside Challenger Nimmons, Malchow & Johnson, Attorneys at Law.  This week’s Inside Challenger is Mark Gilliam. Contributions to the blue buckets on the tables were invited. 

Sunshine Report:  Faye Hargrove shared the fact that today is “International Happiness Day”, and challenged everyone to stay happy until at least midnight.  She left us with good thoughts by playing “Don’t Worry Be Happy” on her cellphone.


  • President Jennifer recognized club members and guest who volunteered this past Saturday painting the Imperial Theatre.  When the project is completed she will share pictures.
  • President Jennifer reminded members of
    • The annual golf tournament on April 17th.  The cost per play is $55.00.
    • The International Convention in Atlanta on June 10th – 14th. More information can be found at the riconvention.org or on the district website. 
    • The District Conference at Jekyll Island on March 24 and 25th.

Program: Club member Ashlee Duren introduced our speaker for the day, Stephen Wade, President of the Augusta Chronicle.  Mr. Wade share with the group how the paper makes decisions on content.  He compared it to our four way test.  If a story is true and fair then it is print worthy. 

He shared some of the examples of how the paper competes with social media on a daily basis.  Social media has no rules, no guidelines, and no liability in what is posted, therefore, news spreads quickly regardless of truth or accuracy.

The Chronicle on the other hand has a responsibility, both legal and ethical, to verify facts before going to press.  As a result, the paper is often criticized for not getting information out in in a timely manner. 

Mr. Wade also shared how the paper is using its reach to help the community promote activities and fundraisers in the area.  He followed his remarks by answering questions from the group.


President Jennifer reminded that our next meeting will take place on March 27th and that our speaker, Margaret Brown, will discuss the flowers and trees of the Augusta National. 

She then asked us to stand and join her in the Four Way Test: Of all the things that we think, say or do: 1st: Is it the truth?  2nd: Is it fair to all concerned? 3rd: Will it build good will and better friendships? And 4th: Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

She rang the Bell to adjourn the meeting.


Annual Rotary Golf Tournament
Monday, April 17th - River Golf Club
12:30 Tee Off - Lauderdale Format
Box lunch, practice balls, and prizes
Guests welcome!
*Prizes needed ( quantities of 4 )
Contact Frank Mulherin - 706-414-4922

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