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Rotary Bulletin

March 13, 2017

Meeting Minutes

President Jennifer Pennington rang the bell at 12:15 p.m., calling the Monday March 13, 2017 meeting to Order.

Pledge and Invocation: given by George Hall

Rotary Moment: President Jennifer described a program of Rotarian Martha Mgangma of Tanzania aimed at educating her community concerning the cause of Albinism in order to debunk associated stigmas that have resulted in the deaths for more than 75 people with albinism over the past decade.  A survivor of attempted suicide after an arranged marriage to a polygamist, Ms. Mgangma’s non-governmental “Albino Peacemakers” also supports the education of children with albinism and facilitates their skin cancer screenings.

Guests/Visiting Rotarians: were introduced by Clayton Jolly

Interact Guests: Henry Nixon, Jacob Howard and David Ardrey were introduced by Andrew Williams

CART: President Jennifer announced that at the Club’s last meeting, $522.30 was raised for CART with the help of Inside Challenger Chris Etterlee and Outside Challenger Bill Denny.  This week’s Inside Challenger is Jeanette Cummings and the Outside Challenger is Nimmons, Malchow & Johnson, Attorneys at Law. Contributions to the blue buckets on the tables were invited. 

Sunshine Report:  Richard Rogers shared the fact that today is “Ken Day”, Ken being Barbie’s consort, and announced member birthdays and wedding anniversaries.


  • Dee Beard reminded members of Rotary Service Project at the Imperial on March 18th.
  • President Jennifer reminded members of
    • The annual golf tournament on April 17th.  The cost per play is $55.00.
    • The International Convention in Atlanta on June 10th – 14th. More information can be found at the riconvention.org or on the district website. 
    • The District Conference at Jekyll Island on March 24 and 25th.

Program: Club member Ashlee Duren introduced our speaker for the day, Jenny Burghardt, Director of Aiken Township Tourism and the Aiken Visitors Center. Ms. Burghardt gave a brief history of the Aiken Triple Crown, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. In the early 1900s, because of weather and favorable geography and soil, Aiken became an Aquarian winter colony for horse racing, fox hunting and polo.  Those activities now continue, but three became formalized in 1971 – (a) Flat track “Aiken Trials” that have produced 40 champion thoroughbred horses, (b) the “Aiken Steeplechase”, a race that includes jumps and got its name from its Irish origins where participants raced a local course running from steeple to steeple, and (c) Polo on “Whitney Field”, the oldest continuously used Polo Field in the US on which national and international stars regularly play.


President Jennifer reminded that our next meeting will take place on March 20th and that our speaker, Stephen Wade – President of the Augusta Chronicle - will discuss Content Selection. 

She then asked us to stand and join her in the Four Way Test: Of all the things that we think, say or do: 1st: Is it the truth?  2nd: Is it fair to all concerned? 3rd: Will it build good will and better friendships? And 4th: Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

She rang the Bell to adjourn the meeting.


Annual Rotary Golf Tournament
Monday, April 17th - River Golf Club
12:30 Tee Off - Lauderdale Format
Box lunch, practice balls, and prizes
Guests welcome!
*Prizes needed ( quantities of 4 )
Contact Frank Mulherin - 706-414-4922

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CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Jeanette Cummings
Outside Challenger: Nimmons, Malchow & Johnson, Attorneys at Law



Jenny Brughardt
Mike Clearly

Guest Of
Guest Speaker
Phil Wahl

Richmond Academy Interact Club

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Meeting Makeup

Ray Walters 3-6-17 On line Make up
Dora Hogg 3-6-17 On Line Make up
Brad Means 3-13-17 EmCee Chamber Event
Erick Montgomery Augusta West Rotary
Dustin Young 3-13-17 Rotary Board of Directors MTG

The following will receive a make up for attending the Rotary Board of Directors meeting held at Cranston Engineering, March 14, 2017.

Jennifer Pennington
Kevin Grogan
Scott Williams
Leland Malchow
Dustin Young


Stacie Adkins
Rob McKenzie
Michael Ash
Chris McKinney
Shell Berry
Brad Means
Barclay Bishop
Chris Melcher
Steve Boler
Ian Mercier
Carl Brown
Brett Montroy
Dee Bruker
Betts Murdison
Patrick Cullinan
Anne Catherine Murray
Jeanette Cummings

Jeb Murray
Paul Dainer
Robert Osborne
Neal Dickert
Sue Parr
Steve Farmer
Jeff Partl
Fran Forehand
Jonathan Powell
Jeff Futrelle
Daniel Rhodes
Bobby Gagnon
Stan Shepherd
A K Guliati
Deborah Sleeth
Chad Harpley
John Snider

Randy Hatcher
Jeff Spears
James Heffner
Walter Sprouse
Rick Herring
Kevin Steffes
Brooks Keel
Linda Tucciarone
Russell Keen
Sonny Tucker
Scott Kelly
Paul Wade
Mahendra Mandawat
George Williams
Kevin Mayne
Dustin Young