District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

October 17, 2016

Meeting Minutes

President Jennifer Pennington opened the meeting and called on Erick Montgomery who led the pledge and invocation. Margaret Woodard introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Thanks to last week’s Club Cart Challenger we raised $130.22. This week’s Inside Challenger is Connie Melear and Outside Challenger is Furniture Outlet. Brad Means gave the Sunshine Report. Jeff Simless announced the results of the Football Follies

President Jennifer Pennington called on Tim Owings to introduce Brad Means of WJBF and Richard Rogers of WRDW.

Seasoned media veterans Brad Means and Richard Rogers spoke about election coverage.  Richard said a major challenge is “finding fairness and balance.”  Brad said he strives to be fair and also stressed the importance of making the most of your access to a candidate before it diminishes.   Another challenge is having enough time to cover candidates because segments are rarely longer than ninety seconds.  To mitigate this often each candidate is spotlighted each day. 

Next meeting will be October 24, 2016.

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

Rotary International Convention



CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Connie Melear
Outside Challenger: Furniture Outlet



Kelly Wiedemeyer
Jordan Collier

Guest Of
Leigh Porterfield
TR Reddy

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Caroline Cupp
Henry Nixon

Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

Visiting Rotarians

Norman Butler

Rotary Club of Australia

Meeting Makeup

Scott Williams 10-17-16 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting
Dora Hogg 9-26-16 On line Make Up
Deborah Sleeth 10-17-16 Red Badge Orientation
Herb Upton 10-17-16 Red Badge Oreintation

The Following will receive a make up for attending the Red Badge Orientation - Oct. 17:

Bill Kemp
Shell Berry
Chris McKinney
Jennifer Pennington
Herb Upton
Kevin Wade
Chad Harpley
David Bullington
Keith Hull
Deborah Sleeth

The Following will receive a make up for the Rotary Board of Directors Meeting held on Tuesday, October 11 at Cranston Engineering.

Jennifer Pennington
Scott Williams
Susan Jernigan
Dustin Young
Chris McKinney
Leland Malchow
Steve Farmer
Ed Presnell
Kevin Grogan


Forester Adams
Richard Isdell
Greg Baker
Chris James
Barclay Bishop
Brooks Keel
Steve Bogolea
Russell Keen
Dave Brendza
Brian Kyzer
Greg Capers
Kevin Mayne
Betty Carter
Ian Mercier
Gretchen Caughman

Peter Michenfelder
Len Collins
Jeb Murray
Guy Daniels
Jeff Partl
John David
Jonathan Powell
Tom Denlinger
Jimmy Richards
David Fields
Jeff Schwab
Jeff Flowers
John Sebby
Jeff Futrelle
Deborah Sleeth

Bobby Gagnon
John Snider
Aimee Hall
Walter Sprouse
Rick Hall
Max Stachura
Richard Harmon
Sonny Tucker
Randy Hatcher
Herb Upton
James Heffner
Frank Ward
Rick Herring
George Williams
Scott Williams