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Rotary Bulletin

September 26, 2016

Meeting Minutes

President Jennifer Pennington rang the bell and called the meeting to order. Barry White gave the pledge and invocation. President Jennifer shared a Global Grant Project video, the Haiti national water project that represents $100,000.00 USD and provided 1000 filters in Haiti for clean drinking water. Amiee Hall welcomed our guests and visiting Rotarians. Willie Williams introduced our Richmond Academy Interact Club. Thanks to our inside challenger, Dustin Young, and the outside challenger, MAI Risk Advisors, we raised 952.40 for CART at our last meeting. This week the inside challenger is David Bullington and the outside challenger is Sun Trust Bank. Faye Hargrove gave our Sunshine Report and our Sunshine Challenge for today: "Watch your mouth by changing your thoughts and feelings. Think Sunshine thoughts."

Football Follies: Jeff Simless announced 44 participants in week 4. Clayton Jolly and Ray Walters tied with 9 of 10 games correct. Ray Walters won the tie breaker and two tickets to I Love the Nineties. Phill Wahl continues to be our current overall winner. You must participate in 75% of the games to be in the overall competition.

TR Reddy presented our new member Deborah Sleeth. Deborah moved to Augusta in 2010 and is the General Manager of the Holiday Inn Express Downtown. President Jennifer welcomed Deborah into the Rotary Club of Augusta.


  • Billy Franke announced the new Roteract club at Augusta Technical College and presented the certificate forming the club to the officers of the club.
  • Roteract will meet following our club meeting.
  • Book Drive: Rotarians are encouraged to purchase one of the attached books or make a contribution so that the club can purchase the book. The books will be donated to the Richmond County Literacy Center.
  • The GRSP committee will meet following our club meeting.
  • The Hull fund will meet following our club meeting.


Member talks: Scott Kelly introduced member talks, an opportunity for the club to hear interesting stories from our members. Our speakers for today are Brenda Durant and Jeff Partl.

Brenda, one of seven children, was born in Great Neck NY and moved to Augusta in 1972 when her father relocated the family business to Waynesboro GA. She met her husband Ed Durant while attending Aquinas and has been married to Ed for 42 years. Brenda shared her childhood love of reading and on her 30th. Birthday made a decision to get involved in the arts and went on to become the Executive Director of the Greater August Arts Council. Brenda follows several rules: eat locally, buy earrings from an artist, and do something fun.

Jeff is the President of Powerserve Software Company and sends out our bulletins each week. Jeff shared his lifelong love of baseball. At 10 years old he was drafted to play on a team with 11 and 12 year olds and went on to win 2 state championships. At a young age, Jeff was influenced by a coach that took an interest in him and has given back to the sport ever since. Jeff has coached Martinez Evans Little League, North Augusta Recreation Department, North Augusta JV and started the North Augusta Renegades travel team. Jeff took the Renegades to Cooperstown Dreams Park for a 7 day tournament. The team visited the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Niagara Falls, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jeff and his wife Rachael have 3 children: Emma 5, Ann Marie 11, and Chandler 13.

Following the presentation, President Jennifer welcomed our Roteract guest and our new member Deborah Sleeth.

President Jennifer led us in reciting the four way test and then adjourned the meeting. 

Next meeting October 3, 2016 and our guest speaker will be Paul Bowers the President of Ga Power. 


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: David Bullington
Outside Challenger: SunTrust Bank



Sheila Nelson
Brenda Jordan

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Lowell Greenbaum
Lowell Greenbaum

Richmond Academy Interact Club

Kacky Teston
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Augusta Tech Rotaract Club

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Joshalyn Young
Felicia Dicks

Visiting Rotarians

Wright Montgomery

Augusta West Rotary

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Rick Hall 9-19-2016 On Line Make Up
Rick Hall 9-12-2016 On Line Make up
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