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Rotary Bulletin

June 13, 2016

Meeting Minutes

President Billy Franke opened the meeting and called on Robert Osborne who led the pledge and invocation. A moment of silence was recognized for the passing of fellow Rotarian Dr. Charlie Schaefer. Another moment of silence was recognized for the victims in the Orlando shooting over the weekend. Frank Ward introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. 

CART:  Thanks to last week’s Club Cart Challenger, Jim Puryear.  This week the CART Challenger is Paul Dainer.

Richard Rogers gave the Sunshine Report.

Jerry Woods reminded the club about the scholarship set up at Augusta University in honor of Brian Mulherin.  Members are encouraged to bring checks made payable to the Augusta University Foundation for this to Peggy Whitehurst.

Lowell Greenbaum and his wife Gloria were recognized for 66 years of marriage.  President Billy also led the club in singing Happy Birthday to Lowell. Max Stachura introduced new member Keith Hull.  

President Billy Franke called on Rick Herring to introduce our guest speaker, Linda Tucciarone, Executive Director of Heritage Academy.

Located at the old Houghton School on 333 Greene Street, Heritage Academy is an independent school offering a quality Christ-centered education in Augusta, Georgia.

Linda discussed the beginnings of the school from 1999 and its opening the following year in its original location at Broad Street Baptist Church.  The school was ahead of its time when it comes to school vouchers, accepting them a few years before the Supreme Court reversed itself and ruled them constitutional.

In 2007 the school moved to the historic Houghton school, which was purchased and renovated by Clay Boardman two years earlier.

The school has grown from just a Kindergarten with just a few children to a student body of over 200 and later elementary classes.  It remains faithful to the mission of making a Christ-centered education available to all children regardless of family income.

Next meeting June 20, 2016 and topic will be the “Year in Review.”

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.


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