District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

February 29, 2016

Meeting Minutes

President Billy Franke called the Meeting to Order and mentioned that this is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month. Tim Owings gave the pledge of allegiance to our flag and the Invocation. Frank Ward welcomed our visitors with the introductions made by members.  We had two interact students from Richmond Academy. President Billy thanked Jeanette Cummings for being the inside and outside challenger last week. We raised $307.47 for CART. The sunshine report was given by Thom Tuckey.


District Conference May 13-15th-Savannah Desoto Hilton-Pam Lightsey

We have the following Service Projects coming up:

  • Phinizy Swamp
  • Heritage Academy March 2nd 10-11 a.m.
  • Richmond Academy Interact Club Blood Drive this coming Friday, March 4, 2016 starting at 8:30 and lasting until 2:30.

Our speaker, Dr. Rao, was introduced by Susan Barcus. He gave an interesting presentation on Digestive Health.

President Billy welcomed the following new members:
    Ashlee Duren
    Dr. Gulati
    Travis McNeal

Our next meeting will be March 7th, 2016.  Our speaker, Randy Hicks, President of the GA Center For Opportunity, will be introduced by Randy Hatcher.

The meeting was adjourned with the four way test.

Special Events

Rotary Golf Tournament
Monday, May 16th
River Golf Club – 1:00 Shotgun
Lunch Provided
Guests Are Welcome

Upcoming Meeting Topics

3/7/2016 Randy Hicks, President of the GA Center For Opportunity
3/14/2016 Giving Back to the Community Day


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Frank Mulherin
Outside Challenger:



Dr. Rao
Gretchen Caughman
Kyle Scott
Shawn Vincent

Guest Of
Speaker, Digestive System
Billy Franke
Susan Barcus
Dr. Brooks Keel

Interact Club

Patrick Bolick
John David Chambers

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

Susan Jernigan 2-29-16 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting
Ed Presnell 2-29-16 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting
Dustin Young 2-29-16 Rotary Board of Directors Meeting


Forester Adams
Marc Miller
Erin Armstrong
Russ Morgan
Michael Ash
Jeb Murray
Bob Baisden
Ned Murray
Shell Berry
Steve O'Neil
Barclay Bishop
Jim Osborne
Steve Bogolea
Sue Parr
Marilyn Bowcutt
Jeff Partl

Greg Capers
Jonathan Powell
Mike Cash
Ed Presnell
Tom Coghill
Jimmy Richards
Charles Coleman
Jeff Schwab
Greg Deloach
Max Stachura
Judy Downie
Stan Stanton
Fran Forehand
Kevin Steffes
Bobby Gagnon
Stacy Tallent

Mark Gilliam
Sonny Tucker
Randy Hatcher
Shanda Vaughn
Chris James
Phil Wahl
Susan Jernigan
Barry White
Scott Kelly
George Williams
Bill Keogh
Margaret Woodard
Brad Means
Jerry Woods
Ian Mercier
Dustin Young