District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

February 8, 2016

Meeting Minutes

President Billy opened the meeting and called on Ned Murray who led the pledge and invocation. Frank Ward introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Richard Rodgers gave the Sunshine Report. President Billy gave thanks to last week's Club Cart Challenger, the Media (26, 12, and 6), who helped us raise $651.84 for the fund. The Club CART Challenger for the meeting is Jeff Partl.

President Billy made the following announcements/presentations:

  • No meeting next week. Rotary will be at the Marriott for a meeting with John Germ, President Elect Rotary International. 
  • The following members received new sponsor pins:
    • Laverne Gold (Faye Hargrove)
    • Leland Malchow (Andrew Williams)
    • TR Reddy (Crystal McGee)
  • Darryl Leech, Paul Dainer, and Chris McKinney  were designated as Paul Harris Fellows +1.

New Members:
President Billy introduced new member Dr. Brooks Keel. Welcome to Augusta Rotary, Dr. Keel!

Guest Speaker:
Name: Dr. Keel
Topic: Pathway Forward
Dr. Brooks Keel was named President of Augusta University on July 8, 2015. Dr. Keel earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Augusta College and the Medical College of Georgia. Dr Keel was the 12th president of Georgia Southern University from 2010 to 2015. Dr. Keel discussed the pathway forward to establish Augusta University as a world class comprehensive research university. A goal is to become a top 50 medical center. The University plans to move the College of Science and Mathematics from the Summerville campus to the Health Sciences campus. The vacated Summerville buildings will be renovated for future growth at the Summerville campus. Dr. Keel mentioned the Laney Walker roadway reconstruction, the 15th Street residence halls, and a proposed bridge walkway across Laney Walker to the cancer center. Dr. Keel emphasized the importance of providing cyber security training. 

No meeting next week.

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

Special Events

Rotary Golf Tournament
Monday, May 16th
River Golf Club – 1:00 Shotgun
Lunch Provided
Guests Are Welcome

Upcoming Meeting Topics

2/15/2016 No Meeting - Rotary International President Nominee John Germ
2/22/2016 Dr. Ted Johnson: Pediatric Cancer
2/29/2016 Dr. Rau: Digestive Health


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Jeff Partl



Brook Keel
Leigh Porterfield
Brian Kyzer
David Eubank
Steve Davidson

Guest Of
Guest Speaker
Shanda Vaughn
Dee Bruker
Haskell Toporek
Jerry Rogers

Interact Club

Kacky Teston
Charlsie Parham

Visiting Rotarians



Meeting Makeup

Dave Brendza 2-8-16 Econ Luncheon
Betty Dyches 2-8-16 Econ Luncheon
Fran Forehand 2-8-16 Econ Luncheon
Steve Hobbs 2-8-16 Econ Luncheon
Connie Melear 2-8-16 Econ Luncheon
Neita Mulherin 2-8-16 Econ Luncheon
Robert Osborne 2-8-16 Econ Luncheon
Sue Parr 2-8-16 Econ Luncheon
Jeff Partl 2-8-16 Econ Luncheon
Daniel Rhodes 2-8-16 Red Badge Orientation
Walter Sprouse 2-8-16 Econ Luncheon


Greg Baker
Connie Melear
Barclay Bishop
Marc Miller
Steve Bogolea
Russ Morgan
Marilyn Bowcutt
Neita Mulherin
Dave Brendza
Jeb Murray
Tom Coghill
Robert Osborne
Len Collins

Sue Parr
Paul Dainer
Jeff Partl
John David
Jonathan Powell
Neal Dickert
Daniel Rhodes
Betty Dyches
Jeff Schwab
Sandy Dykes
Walter Sprouse
Fran Forehand
Max Stachura

Bobby Gagnon
Stan Stanton
Aimee Hall
Charles Stewart
Steve Hobbs
Ray Walters
Chris James
Barry White
Mahendra Mandawat
George Williams
Bran Means
Jerry Woods