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Rotary Bulletin

January 4, 2016

Meeting Minutes

President Billy opened the meeting and called on Tim Owings who led the pledge and invocation.

Chris McKinney introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians and Brad Means gave the sunshine report.   

President Jerry reminded everyone that we are celebrating Vocational Service Month and provided a shout out to the members who played in the golf tournament to support the Boy Scouts of America. 

President Jerry stated there was not a Club Cart Challenger last week as we did collection for the Salvation Army Kettle.  President Jerry announced that the Club collected $1063 for the Kettle.  The Club CART Challenger for the meeting is Tim Owings and the Outside Challenger is Morgan Stanley.  

President Jerry made the following announcements/presentations:

  • We now have 479 likes on Face Book with over 30 likes this week.  President Billy encouraged all to visit the site.
  • On January 8-24 there will be a blood drive at the Shephard Blood Center.  There is a possibility that the Club could bet up to $500 if enough show up to donate.  All are encouraged to give blood.
  • The Club was reminded of three service projects:  Lydia House, Phinizy Swamp, and Heritage Academy.
  • Club members were encouraged to sign up for the visit by John Germ, President Elect for Rotary International.  He will be speaking on February 1th.  The club will pay for anyone who desires to attend and signs up.  Club members can use the meeting for a makeup if needed.   A meal will be provided.  If you sign up, you are expected to show up.

Leland Malchow introduced new member Andrew Williams (aka Willie by friends).  Willie is a Financial Advisor at Raymond James.  J.R. Reddy introduced new member Krystal McGee. Krystal is the Exectutive Director for the Wilson Family YMCA.  President Billy introduced new member Russell Keen.  Russel serves as the new Executive Vice President for External Relations and Chief of Staff to the President at Augusta University.

Tim Owings introduced the guest speaker, Charles R. Shaefer, Jr., M.D.  Dr. Shaefer works for the University Medical Group for the University Health System.   His topic was on Diabetes.  He started his presentation with the following question:  What do I need to know about diabetes.  He expressed that there are major impacts to family, businesses and employers and that the disease is expanding at a great rate in the U.S. with over 26 million with the disease and 79 million with pre-diabetes.  He further stated that 1 in 3 children born today will have diabetes by adulthood and that by 2050 1 of 3 adults will have the disease.   Dr. Shaefer reviewed where diabetes comes from and what it does including Type 2 diabetes.  He stated that cost in 2012 in the U.S. was $245 billion to care for all diagnosed with diabetes.  He also reviewed the risks and complications and stated that using a diabetes prevention protocol can reduce the risk by 58%.  Individuals need to commit to a protocol that involves diet, exercise, and weight control.  To reduce the risk you need to exercise 150 minutes/week, lose 7% of body weight, and alter diet to low carb/low fat.  We need to take responsibility for managing diabetes by following the ABCSA1C, Blood pressure, Cholesterol, and Smoking.  He stressed that we should get checked by our physician with monitoring of our Fasting Blood Sugar an A1C in particular if you are over 45 and have risk factors.  He ended by encouraging organization like Rotary and other businesses to know the issues that impact the community and to work in your sphere of influence to battle this devastating disease.   He provided an example of the Cities of Excellence program in Birmingham, AL.   He ended with the example of how Dillon, SC approached potential solutions to help the community.

President Billy ended with a book presentation to Dr. Shaefer with reminders to the club to go to Face Book and check out the Club page.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

1/18/2016 NO MEETING: MLK
1/25/2016 Dr. Angela Pringle, Superintendent RCSS


CART buckets
Inside Challenger: Tim Owings
Outside Challenger: Morgan Stanley



Dr. Charlie Shaefer
Richard Eyer
Mary Jones
Whit Rutland
Jodi Lott

Guest Of
Phil Wahl
Brenda Durant
Connie Melear
TR Reddy

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Meeting Makeup

Jerry Rogers 1-4-16 December Board of Dir. Mtg.
Scott Williams 1-4-16 December Board of Dir. Mtg.
John Whitwell 12-7-15 On Line Make Up
John Whitwell 12-14-15 On Line Make up
Clay Jolly 12-7-15 On Line Make up


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