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Rotary Bulletin

June 9, 2014

Meeting Minutes

President John opened the meeting and called on Walter Sprouse who led the pledge and invocation.

Russ Morgan introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians and Richard Rogers provided the Sunshine Report. President John gave thanks to last week's Club CART Challenger, Richard Isdell, and the Outside Challenger, Priority Care Ambulance Service, who helped us raise $305.48 for the fund. This week's CART Challenger is Eddie Booth and the outside challenger is Richmond Supply Company.

President John made the following announcements/presentations:

  • He presented Aimee Hall with her Blue Badge.
  • The Club has 4 students going to the RYLA conference in Douglas, Georgia on June 19th. We are looking for a club member to drive them to the conference. They already have transportation home. Anyone able to help should contact John.
Marc Miller introduced our guest speaker Mr. David Hefner. Mr. Hefner is the Senior Executive Vice President of Clinical Operations for GRU Health. He received his BBA from the University of Texas and Masters in Public Administration from BYU. He became the CEO of his first health system at the age of 23.

Mr. Hefner shared various GRU Health statistics with the club, but spent most of his time discussing the state of the healthcare industry. He did a great job illustrating some of the differences in the plans available through the Affordable Care Act Exchanges and described the surprise factor that consumers will realize because of extremely high deductibles and excessive exclusions.

Mr. Hefner described the inherent conflict between the desires of the consumer, which include free, unlimited, and immediate access to the latest medical advances, with the limited resources of health care providers. He showed how GRU Health has streamlined its processes to cut cost in order to be more competitive.

He closed his remarks by taking questions from the club which included several comments on the pros and cons of the Affordable Care Act.

President John called on North Augusta Rotary Club President, Dan Rickabaugh, who introduced a special guest, Ashok Arora. Mr. Arora is a Rotarian, a retired attorney, and former member of the Supreme Court in India. He is now a motivational speaker and will be spending the next several months in the United States. He presented President John with a copy of his recently published book.

Next week's program will be Dr. Barbara Coleman with the GRU Hull College of Business.

President John thanked the speaker and adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

Vocational Moment

If you would like the opportunity to tell us about your business at an upcoming meeting, please contact Frank Mulherin -706-414-4922 or fmulherin@weinbergersfurniture.com.


CART Blue buckets
Club Challenger: Eddie Booth
Outside Challenger: Richmond Supply Co.


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