District No. 6920 | Club No. 4189

Rotary Bulletin

June 2, 2014

Meeting Minutes

President John opened the meeting and called on Betty Dyches who led the pledge and invocation.

Russ Morgan introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians and Brad Means provided the Sunshine Report. President John gave thanks to last week's Club CART Challenger, Tim Owings, who helped us raise $274.50 for the fund. This week's CART Challenger is Richard Isdell and the outside challenger is Priority Care Ambulance Service.

President John made the following announcements:

  • He thanked everyone who participated and sponsored the Annual Rotary Golf Tournament and Frank Mulherin for coordinating the event. He also congratulated the winning team, Steve Hobbs, Jeff Flowers, Bill Bates and Kevin Belanger (they shot 61).
  • Jerry Rogers, President Elect, is attending the Rotary International Convention in Australia this week.
  • David Hefner with GRU will be our guest speaker next week.
President John called on Jennifer Pennington who invited all of us to attend the annual Red Cross breakfast this Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:00 at First Baptist Church. The Red Cross is celebrating local lifesaving heroes and will present their stories in video. Rotary will have an assigned table and this can be used as a make-up.

Marc Miller introduced our guest speaker and Paul Harris Fellow, Mr. Clint Bryant. Coach Bryant has served as the Athletic Director for GRU for the last 26 years. During his career he has served on several NCAA Committees and has been named the Big South and Peach Belt Conference Coach of the Year.

Coach Bryant discussed several issues facing student athletes, the University, and the NCAA. The recent union activity and discussions around paying athletes will continue to be a hot topic for years to come until it is addressed.

The majority of his comments centered around the students and our community. Coach Bryant shared with us that academics, and not sports, is the highest priority at GRU. His programs have achieved a 94% graduation rate among athletes who complete their athletic eligibility requirements. Thanks to the generous contributions of one local supporter, financial assistance is available for student athletes who continue to work on their degree after their athletic scholarship has been exhausted.

Coach Bryant is also working with Thom Tuckey on a partnership between the athletics program and the military community. They recently met with the NCAA in Indianapolis to garner support for the initiative.

In closing, Coach Bryant reminded the club that our area is primed for rapid growth with expansions at GRU, Fort Gordon, and Plant Vogtle and encouraged all of us to take an active role in supporting the community and embracing the future.

President John thanked the speaker and adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

Vocational Moment

If you would like the opportunity to tell us about your business at an upcoming meeting, please contact Frank Mulherin -706-414-4922 or fmulherin@weinbergersfurniture.com.


CART Blue buckets
Club Challenger: Richard Isdell
Outside Challenger: Priority Care Ambulance Service


Club Guests

Clint Bryant
Chelsea Cannon
Harrison Wood
Melissa Oden
Jimmy Oden
Brian King
Brett Montroy

Athletic Director - GRU (Speaker)
Jeff Spears
Jeff Spears
Chris James
Chris James
Tony Lever
Max Stachura

Visiting Rotarians
Elizabeth Cahill

Aiken Sunrise Rotary

Interact Club

Meeting Makeup

Neita Mulherin 6-2-14 Augusta West
Neita Mulherin 5-20-14 River Club @lunch time (Golf)
Kevin Wade 5-5-14 On Line Make Up
Chris T. Johnson 5-12-14 On Line Make up
Chris T. Johnson 5-5-14 On Line Make Up
Jerry Rogers 6-2-14 Rotary International Convention - Australia
Jeanette Cummings 5-27-14 Martinez - Evans Rotary Club
Jeanette Cummings 5-5-14 On Line Make Up

The following will receive a make up for the Red Badge Orientation Meeting held on May 12th
Christine Miller-Betts
Dave Brendza
Aimee Hall
Richard Harmon
Curt Roberts
Billy Franke
Whitney OKeeffe
Kevin Wade
John Whitwell
Dustin Young
Bill Kemp

The following will receive a make up for the May 19th Meeting -Golf Outing
Bill Kemp
Bob Crumrine
Richard Isdell
Jeff Schwab
Frank Mulherin
Haskell Toporek
Ridge Whitehurst
David Hogg (Sr.)
Ray Walters
Jim Puryear
Eddie Booth
Butch Whiddon
Steve Hobbs
Gould Hagler
John Whitwell
Jerry Rogers
Rabbi Sirull
Jimmy Richards
Guy Daniels
Stacy Tallent
Billy Franke
Jonathan Powell
Steve Marbert
Jeff Flowers

The following will receive a make up for the Board of Directors Meeting on May 20th:
John Whitwell
Scott Williams
Connie Melear
Jennifer Pennington
Billy Franke
Keith Brown
Jerry Rogers


Michael Ash
Rick Herring
Bob Baisden
Chris Johnson
Susan Barcus
Mahendra Mandawat
Dee Beaird
Ben McElreath
Christine Miller Betts
Erick Montgomery
Steve Bogolea
Brad Morrison
Bill Bohling
Nita Mulherin
Trex Bolick
Jeb Murray
Marilyn Bowcutt

Robert Osborne
George Bradley
Carlisle Overstreet
Dave Brendza
Susan Parr
Carl Brown
Jonathan Powell
Keith Brown
Ed Presnell
Tom Coghill
Darlene Price
Rob Dennis
Jim Puryear
Neal Dickert
Jerry Rogers
Mieko DiSano
Jeff Schwab

Sandy Dykes
Walter Sprouse
Truitt Eavenson
Charles Stewart
Jeff Futrelle
Phil Wahl
Laverne Gold
Harris Weinstein
Kevin Gold
Butch Whiddon
Kevin Grogan
Barry White
Aimee Hall
George Williams
Randy Hatcher
Jim Hawkins

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Bill Bohling
Keith Brown
Jeanette Cummings
Chris Johnston
Tony Lever
Chris McKinney
Jeb Murray
Carlisle Overstreet
Richard Rogers


June Birthdays
Keith Brown
Mike Cash
Greg DeLoach
Chris Etterlee
Billy Franke
Lowell Greenbaum
Erick Montgomery
James Price
John Sebby
Paul Wade
Scott Williams
Bit Williams