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Rotary Bulletin

December 8, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Vice President Billy Franke opened the meeting and called on Erick Montgomery who led the pledge and invocation.

Aimee Hall introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Richard Rodgers gave the Sunshine Report and shared some Georgia History facts.

Vice President Billy gave thanks to last week's Club Cart Challenger, Forester Adams, and outside challenger Meybohm Scarborough Insurance who helped us raise $440.82 for the fund.
The Club CART Challenger for the meeting is Marilyn Bowcutt and the Outside CART Challenger is Mrs. Santa Claus.

Vice President Billy made the following announcements/presentations:

  • Vice President Billy announced that Tim Owings had raised $750.00 for polio.
  • The Salvation Army will be ringing the bell at meetings during December. Checks will be welcome.
  • Vice President Billy sadly mentioned that Past President Bit Williams had passed away and a memorial service will be held at Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church on Wednesday, December 10th.
Shanda Vaughn presented her "Member Moment" to the club.

Marc Miller introduced our guest speaker Carrol Dadisman.
Carrol Dadisman, graduated from the University of Georgia in 1956. On campus, he was the editor of The Red and Black student newspaper. His 41-year career on Georgia and Florida daily newspapers included editorship of the Columbus Ledger and Enquirer, the Marietta Daily Journal, and managing editors of both the Augusta Chronicle and the Macon News. Carrol is a longtime board member of The Red and Black Publishing Co.

Topic: Dear Old U-G-A, from The Red and Black
Carrol Dadisman discussed his book, Dear Old U-G-A, from The Red and Black. The book is a history of the university focused on student life and campus traditions since 1893. The book is based primarily on student newspaper reports from The Red and Black, through the decades. The book includes 225 historic photos and more than 2,000 student names, fully indexed. The book also includes essays that detail trends in student behavior and student attire, men's and women's sports, military training and famous songs.

Next week's speaker will be Dr. Jere Morehead, President of the University of Georgia.

The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

12/15/14 Dr. Jere Morehead, President of the University of Georgia
12/22/14 Christmas Luncheon
12/29/14 NO MEETING: New Years


CART Blue buckets
Club Challenger: Marilyn Bowcutt
Outside Challenger: Mrs. Santa Claus


Club Guests

Carrol Dadisman
Mildred Dadiman
Tim Maund
Mark Maund
Chris Karle
George Robertson

Guest Of
Club - Speaker
Mildred Dadiman Club
Carolyn Maund
Carolyn Maund
Kevin Wade
George Hall

Visiting Rotarians



Richmond County Interact Club

McCall Chambers
Caroline Haynes
Jack Guitton

Meeting Makeup

Dee Beaird 12-8-14 Nov. Board of Dir. Mtg
Jennifer Pennington 12-8-14 Nov. Board of Dir. Mtg
Ed Presnell 12-8-14 Nov. Board of Dir. Mtg
Jerry Rogers 12-8-14 Nov. Board of Dir. Mtg
Scott Williams 12-8-14 Nov. Board of Dir. Mtg


Forester Adams
Ben McElreath
Michael Ash
Rob McKenzie
Greg Baker
Brad Means
Dee Beaird
Connie Melear
Kathleen Bogolea
Peter Michenfelder
Steve Bogolea
Jita Morrison
Mike Cash
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Charles Coleman
Jeb Murray

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Paul Dainer
Jonathan Powell
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Darlene Price
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Neal Dickert
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Jeff Schwab
Sandy Dykes
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Ridge Whitehurst
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John Whitwell
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Marc Miller
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