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Rotary Bulletin

November 3, 2014

Meeting Minutes

President Jerry opened the meeting and called on Walter Sprouse who led the pledge and invocation. Brett Montroy introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Richard Rogers gave the Sunshine Report and shared some observations about the recent spate of negative campaign advertisements which should end tomorrow (unless runoffs are required. He also provided good news with the announcement that UNISYS will be bringing 700 information tech jobs to Augusta and the CSRA over the coming 5 years.

President Jerry gave thanks to last week's Club Cart Challenger, Carl Brown, and the Outside Challenger, the proceeds of this contribution are derived from surplus funds that the Court is allowed to disburse to charitable entities, who helped us raise $623.72 for the fund. The Club CART Challenger for the meeting is Stan Stanton and the Outside CART Challenger is Colonial Oil.

President Jerry made the following announcements and presentations:
Assistant District Governor Kathy Tuckey announced that Augusta West is sponsoring a Hay Bales and Cocktails charity event to support CART on Thursday, November 13. Tickets are $25 (or 2 for $40). Administrative costs are covered and so all money goes to charity.

  • November is Rotary Foundation Month
  • A District Grant to Sao Paulo efforts to improve reading was associated with a drop in illiteracy from 55% to 50%.
  • A Member Moment was delivered by Pete Michenfelder.

David Hogg presented the Paul Harris Fellow award to T.J.Reddy, engineer, real estate developer, and philanthropist. The presentation was unusual in that Dr. Reddy is not a Rotary Club member. At the conclusion of his remarks of appreciation, Dr. Reddy presented President Jerry with a check for $1,000, asking that our club use it to create a Paul Harris Award for his mentor, Bob Richards who was in attendance at the meeting.

New Members:
Bobby Gagnon introduced new member Shanda Browning Vaughn who is the owner of Day Break Adult Day Care Services in Evans. Welcome to Augusta Rotary, Shanda Browning Vaughn!

Tim Owings introduced our guest speaker, Mr. Batt Humphreys who spoke about how to get the Media to recognize your business.
Mr. Humphreys gave the club a history of his own growth and development in media relations by way of explaining how he learned the keys to getting out the message. "Content is Key!" but you must recognize content, platform, and timing. "Don't try to compete with a story that has grabbed the nation's or the world's attention on that day." You will succeed if your message is valuable, if it provides a strong take-away thought, and if it is easy to understand. You will fail if your pitch is complex, if you are perceived to be inflating yourself or your message, or if your timing is bad.

Next week's speaker will be Scholarship awards for students, Hull Fund, Polio Plus and the Rotary Foundation.
The meeting was adjourned following the recital of the Four-Way Test.

Upcoming Meeting Topics

11/10/14 Hull Fund, CART, and Polio Plus

11/17/14 Steve O'Neil 


CART Blue buckets
Club Challenger: Stan Stanton
Outside Challenger: Colonial Chemical Solutions


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Club ? David Hogg

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Richmond County Interact Club

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